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What would it take to pick it back up? What are you actual road blocks?

Abandoned.... Little did I realize...

Seriously cool game! When is an update expected?

[The video will be up tomorrow at 12pm PST]

I am glad to hear that. I am happy to be of help, I love playing games like this and seeing what's on the horizon of Indi gaming. Thank you for putting your work out there and letting me play it!

of course, my pleasure, I really did enjoy the game!

Hey all, I really liked the game. I loved the chance to explore other people and meet such unique characters, it really makes me wonder what kind of backstory details they all had...

(Video will be up/posted at 12pm PST on the 11th! I have to be at work at that time.)

So, I really do love your game, and am impressed by how well everything feels balance-wise. I played my first fifteen minutes, and the result is what you see below:

Thank you for making this fun game!

(P.S., the video will go live at 12pm PST, thanks for your patience with an amateur like me!)

Hey there, thanks for making this fun game! It was a great time, I loved every minute of the struggle for first place. I even made a video of it, I thought I would link it here if anyone wants to see some of the game play. Oh and the other videos on this feed are pretty good as well so go watch their stuff too!

Hey, it is a ton of fun, I plan on keeping a close watch for more content! It really was a good time.

Hey! I managed to get it produced and out there! I hope you like the commentary and my apologies for taking so long!

Keep an eye out for the video to drop! I am posting this ahead of time.

My final episode is out! Thanks so much for making this cool demo!


Hey all, just thought I would drop this video here:

I absolutely love this game, honestly played for another two hours after I played this episode! I cannot wait to make a part 2.

Two years later and still a great game! Nicely done team!

At risk of sounding like a broken record: beautiful game, emotionally touching, serene to play and a joy to look at. Thank you very much for putting it out there!

Actually it is on YouTube, I just did not realize that people really did want to see more! Hop over to my channel and leave a comment to help get the ball rolling if you do not mind.

Hey, thank you very much, would you like to see more played of it?

This game is so good, I absolutely loved it and I cannot wait for more updates to come out! 

I am happy to have played it! Thanks!

The game was pretty good, a little drawn out but I will let the video speak for itself!

(Video will be up on 7/8/2019 at 3pm EST)

I have the update now!

I made a second episode! This game is fantastic in its writing, and I am always impressed each time it happens at the musical synergy it has, each introduction with a music piece just impresses me all the more!

What a game, I am so happy to have stumbled across it! Definitely went straight on my wish list! Also, I did end up making a video about it, if anyone wants to catch some of the game action before committing to it!

What?? No way! I will try and take a look at finding them, any hints so I don't just aimlessly wander in the desert?

Hey all! This was a fun experience, I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Oh, and I made a YouTube video about my experiences, thanks!

Great idea! Thanks so much for the heads up!

I absolutely love this game, it is fun, energetic and has a genuine feeling to it. So, I made a video on it, more episodes to come!

Thought I would create a part 5 of this series of mine! This game is wonderful and I absolutely love it!

Great catch, I hope it works now, that was weird, I didn't notice anything too bad on my side, I re-embedded it so I hope that clears it up.

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I love the game concept and the majority of game play! So, I went ahead and make a video of it!

I hope you guys like it!

Here are the rest of the episodes I have done so far! I absolutely love this game!

Pt. 2

Pt. 3

Pt. 4

Hey! I made a quick video on your game Mr. Dev, I enjoyed the premise and did some exploring in the world! A link to the video can be found here if anyone would want to watch it!

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I absolutely LOVE this game, I cannot speak high enough about it!!! Seriously there are more episodes on the way as well!

There is a big reason it says episode 1!

Awesome demo! I really did enjoy it, and not just as a YouTuber, I did find the game-play compelling and fun, I look forward to the full version on steam! Here is my video of the game if you would like to see some of it for yourselves.

Hey all, I just did a video myself on this beautiful game! This was a very fun and atmospheric game. I left my feedback in the video as I played: 

Hey Dreamstate Studios! I promised I would do a video and here it is! It has some game-play, and a critique at the end! I hope it is not too much and also what you might have been looking for, also apologies for the delay, I have been quite busy as we will see in upcoming videos.