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The game is crashing

A topic by Migaspin created Aug 16, 2017 Views: 446 Replies: 19
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My game is crashing :_:

What version? Do you have the crash logs?


That's not good. Do you have any more details? Are you doing something specific to make it crash or is it just when the game starts up?

my game is crashing upon save file loading, this only happened after i put this game on steam, do you know how to solve it?


Can you send me your level file please and I'll take a look?

Also can you send a file called Autonauts_Data/output_log.txt in your install folder please?

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when i clicked open on my save file, it showed me lots of 0s, 16s and 17s then lots of code, is that what you mean? and also how do i send  Autonauts_Data to you?


Yep the save file has lots of numbers in it like that. You can send me those using any free Online File Transfer service. I use Dropbox but there are many others. If you get stuck you can cut/paste the contents of output_log.txt into a reply message here (the level file is too big to do that with)

can you give me some info on how to paste the contents of autonauts_data?


Just open the file in any text editor, select everything (usually CTRL+A), copy it, then paste it into a reply here

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i have copied the SAVE FILE TEXT so now i put it in a reply?

its confusing me because theres autonauts_data and the save file, but i checked and its probably the save file because i made a new one and it works like it should.

one more thing, how do you make bridges from one island to another?


Nope I need the output_log.txt contents. The level file will be too big to post here.

Bridges are built like walls but you'll need to explore the water first with a canoe and paddle.

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Yeah, my game keeps on crashing, but i don't know why it does. I've installed  your newest windows version (32 bit) and I can only hear the sounds of clicking the area (can't see anything). My game crashes 5 seconds after it's started up and i really want to play this game.


OK can you send me a file called Autonauts_Data/output_log.txt please and I'll see if there's any information for me. Thanks

never mind. It's working fantastically now! :D

my game is crashing pleas help


Hello, sorry for the late reply. 

First of all at what point in the game does it crash?

And what OS are you using?