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when i clicked open on my save file, it showed me lots of 0s, 16s and 17s then lots of code, is that what you mean? and also how do i send  Autonauts_Data to you?

Yep the save file has lots of numbers in it like that. You can send me those using any free Online File Transfer service. I use Dropbox but there are many others. If you get stuck you can cut/paste the contents of output_log.txt into a reply message here (the level file is too big to do that with)

can you give me some info on how to paste the contents of autonauts_data?

Just open the file in any text editor, select everything (usually CTRL+A), copy it, then paste it into a reply here

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i have copied the SAVE FILE TEXT so now i put it in a reply?

its confusing me because theres autonauts_data and the save file, but i checked and its probably the save file because i made a new one and it works like it should.

one more thing, how do you make bridges from one island to another?

Nope I need the output_log.txt contents. The level file will be too big to post here.

Bridges are built like walls but you'll need to explore the water first with a canoe and paddle.

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It doesn't look like it's crashing, just taking a very long time to load. I've had a few cases of this before. Can you confirm that if you leave it for a very long time (maybe 15 mins or even more) it will eventually load please?


Thx! took about 2 minutes

hmmm. Ok that problem is on my bug list so I'll look into fixing it properly. Thanks