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Finding nearest TREE stumps

A topic by Ezekiel056 created Oct 24, 2019 Views: 407 Replies: 2
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When I ask to a robot to find tree stumps around to dig it, the programmer sequence says  "find nearest soil"

So when i start the robot, if there only tree stumps around, and no free soil, it doesn't dig anything. Is that a bug ? isn't suppose to find the nearest tree stump as i ask ?

Thanks :)

I have the exact same problem... I hate stumps, but removing them, then removing the holes is a pain...

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You will need a shovel to deal with the tree stumps.  When you click on them while holding a shovel, they will be treated like soil, the stump will be removed, and a hole will be dug in the soil.  You can then replace the hole with normal soil by digging there again.