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I have the exact same problem... I hate stumps, but removing them, then removing the holes is a pain...

@subpixel and @bonus1up, thank you, I really like it too.
The effect was achieved by manipulating the projection matrix. I just lerped between the two matrices (the perspective for wave phase and the orthogonal for build phase).

Did I make any sense? haha xD

Haha, the draining/releasing magic is really interesting...
The combat is easy to understand and challenging enough.
The BGM is good, but repetitive, and the lack of SFX makes it boring.

ps: I tried this on Google Chrome 49 (Windows 10) and the "console" glitched hard (zooming out) and was impossible to play.
Changing to Firefox solved the problem.

WOW! That's frenetic...
My biggest problem was understanding why I was dying shortly after the beginning. Turns out that there is a fucking turret hidden in the shadow...

Really nice graphics and lighting system. Easy to understand and move around, although the controls could use some more polish.

Easy controls, that's very good!
The graphics are nice, too.

I missed the exit the first time (kept wondering around without anything to kill), so I think that a hint pointing to the exit would be very useful.

Wow! That's a really nice graphics and good music/sfx too. Impressive!
The animations are really good, but that sacrificed a lot of space, making hard to find your way around.
It took me some time to understand the mouse/inventory/itens, though.

The general feedback (battle, life, cold, hunger) is pretty much nonexistent, so I wondered around almost to find something useful to do until I got bored.

Great graphics, indeed! The narrative is good, but I didn't followed the logic behind the books until my second try.

Good luck to you too! Let's learn and evolve together!! = }

Yay! Thank you... ;D

Ya, commenting is the De facto for promoting your entry. We usually do this in the LudumDare.

I'll try the feedback button, thanks!

The "Entries" page (and the "Overview"/"Games Submitted") doesn't shuffle the entries, so everyone can have a fair chance of being viewed and voted.

Currently, the first entries get MUCH more attention than the rest.
The last ones will hardly get any votes.