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The "Entries" page is unfair!

A topic by NemoStein created Apr 18, 2016 Views: 387 Replies: 4
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The "Entries" page (and the "Overview"/"Games Submitted") doesn't shuffle the entries, so everyone can have a fair chance of being viewed and voted.

Currently, the first entries get MUCH more attention than the rest.
The last ones will hardly get any votes.


Agree with that.

Not sure because of the site feature or not enabled here (Never made a game jam before). However, if it is because of the site feature, use the "Feedback" button on the left (usually on dashboard page). Hope the staffs will pay attention to it. They are really reading the feedback (I tried it before, got replied fast).

Currently, I will use comment in the game rating to promote my self (of course after tasting the entry).


Ya, commenting is the De facto for promoting your entry. We usually do this in the LudumDare.

I'll try the feedback button, thanks!


It's shuffled now! Sorry about that, there was a bug.


Yay! Thank you... ;D