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What he wanted to say is, You can't cheat anymore


you can still cheat i found a way 


Deleted 1 year ago

well why did they make it?

The main reason for "cheats" in any game is that developers need them for test purposes. They must have the ability to set up any possible mid-game scenario without playing for hours to reach that point.  

What we call "cheats" are predominantly development tools.

your exactly right.turns out cheats were never meant to be released to the public (Aaron forgot to remove them) but next update there will be a "free" mode with cheats enabled 

Dude, please autonauts is hard to me and i'm too lazy to do something but please.


Deleted 1 year ago

if you use dnspy and put the Assembly-Csharp.dll and go to "-" there is the cheat codes

Thats how to get to the code... not how to activate cheat tools