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Are you still working on the game?...Played it years ago

Glad to hear :)

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It says there's an Error while launching it :(


when I launch the game a black screen appears

I don't think the game is in development anymore :(

Hey, It seems like a nice concept behind the game but there are a few bugs that don't let me play...the first an biggest isue is that i can't interact with theitems in my inventory, basically when i click on them they dissapear...second, I can't open my inventory after a while, the key doesn't do anything...I hope you'll fix it soon soo I can play it properly :)

To bad there are no players

Not avalable on Windows...?

I thought the purple arrows worked liked a shield but sadly they don't

Really enjoyed the game by the way

Hahah, It shows up now, thanks :)


But why does it say that its not avalable for Windows then

Will it be released on Windows...?

Haha, my bad

What he wanted to say is, You can't cheat anymore

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Glad to see a croatian developer make a game about Croatia :)

I keep getting an error:

"Could not start the server manager: The system cannot find the file specified"

Please help