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When the condition "full" is met, the loop doesn't repeat. So obviously, the condition isn't checked any more. You're out of the loop.

You need to wrap an unconditional loop around the conditional one. That way, the condition is checked repeatedly and when the storage has room again, the action inside the conditional loop restarts.

What difference would it make. ImInsane?
Regardless if you use ten hearts worth 1 each or one heart worth 10,  you'll invest the same ten points into research.

This ...

... is mighty impressive a mere 30 hours after release!!!
Well done!

You must be excited now, only hours away from the release?
I know that I am ...  :-)

Autonauts community · Created a new topic Steam trailer

Hello Denki,

following your announcement of a release date, I just watched your new trailer. And boy, has this game come a long way. It looks very promising.  It's great to see how this game has matured over the time you developed it. 

that's great news, Denki

Hit a tree with a wooden mallet and sticks will fall out of it. Or apples, if it's an apple tree.

The main reason for "cheats" in any game is that developers need them for test purposes. They must have the ability to set up any possible mid-game scenario without playing for hours to reach that point.  

What we call "cheats" are predominantly development tools.

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Sounds like a good background story to me. Curiouser and curiouser ...

That's fantastic news, guys. And well deserved it is too.

Under that list should be a field labelled "file name", where you can enter your desired name for your save.
And underneath that entry line for the file name, there ought to be a button labelled "save".

All in the same window.

Not there?

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And what are you doing with the axe that you manufactured from stick 'n' rock?
Chopping trees, I suppose? To get logs?
And what are you using the logs for? Have you tried building a workbench?

If so - have you not yet discovered what the workbenches are for?
That you can produce a variety of tools on them? 

Left-click a workbench to get the selection menu.

Pick what you want to produce on it (Shovel, Axe, scythe  and lo and behold, a wooden mallet too!)
Check the required components
Craft the item …

Well, you get the gist, right? 

you have to make the mallet (like you have to make everything that you use - axes, shovels, scythes etc.)

Nothing to do with donating for the game or not. 

Coming to think of it: Are you making axes from sticks and stones? Is that why you've run out of sticks?

Hit trees with a wooden mallet. 

  • Apple trees produce apples when you do that. 
  • The other tree type produces sticks

true - conversion works without "tostring()"

Nevertheless, the Lua guys recommend using it. That way, the interpreter doesn't have the extra task of finding out if a conversion is required or not. You state that it is.

The string.format() command would have been another option. Actually the nicest way to combine text and data into one string.

to Denki:
My apologies for abusing you forum for this off-topic talk :-)

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It is? Yikes - I overslept. Again! I'm in trouble ...

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i is overwritten in this Java construct? Interesting. I'm only (a little) familiar with Lua and Python and both would treat the two i variables as distinct local variables.


text = ""
for i in range(3):
    text += "\n{}: ".format(i)
    for i in range(2):
        text += "{} ".format(i)


0: 0 1
1: 0 1
2: 0 1


text = ""
for i = 0,2 do
    text = text.."\n"..tostring(i)..": "
    for i = 0,1 do
        text = text..tostring(i).." "


0: 0 1
1: 0 1
2: 0 1

This sounds very promising. And it looks wonderful too!

You have a "Download" folder on your PC.
The Autonauts file is in that folder.

But seriously - if downloading, unzipping and starting the game proves too difficult for you, better get help from a local friend or relative. They can sort you out in minutes, because they - unlike anyone here - can point at things on your PC screen.

As a unit for weight? Yes
As a currency? No

oh dear …

Don't click on repeat.

Drag repeat into the coding window and then drag all steps into the repeat bracket that require repeating.

Gras is fixed to certain locations just like

  • tree soil
  • cereal soil
  • water
  • stoney grounds
  • clay

Cows remove gras, but only temporarily ...

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See the four version 7 entries at the bottom of the list on your screenshot?

Pick the appropriate one, download, unpack and use.
And delete your previous versions if you have no more use for them.

There is no update feature as such in Autonauts yet. Remember that this is still early development stage. That's what pre-pre-pre-alpha stands for.

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remove bugs while modders add new ones (by adding features)?

Doesn't sound like a good idea to me, to be frank.

Why would you want to continuously produce stuff that you have no use for? You can teach any bot to stop his work when it's no longer required. And that's where the true fun is: in developing sensible routines for your bots.

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Bots are able to make their own tools. What they cannot do is switch a workbench to making another product. So you'll need a dedicated workbench for each required tool.

Teach the bot to

  1. pick up one plank from one storage
  2. add it to the workbench
  3. pick up one pole from another storage
  4. add that to the workbench too
  5. find the produced tool

Advantage over prefabricating tools: No overhead.

Personally I find it sensible to produce overhead only on base products like planks, poles, metal. And even there I now stop producing them when my storage is close to full. The result is a tidier map.

the one tile separation is on purpose, elecricpace

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  1. use shovel to remove weed
  2. add fertilizer to soil where weed was removed
  3. use hoe to work fertilizer into ground
  4. plant cereal seed
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Here's a short video demonstrating it:

You may want to sing along "Bridge Over Uncharted Water" by "Erin and his Uncle" while watching the video.
When you're weary, feeling small ...  :-D

Good to know - cheers

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Babys may  still spawn in Deep Sea Water in version 6.1 Erin:

This is on a new map started with 6.1 - not inherited by playing an older map.

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No need to apologize ;-)

I agree with your "everybody finds different things important" statement.

It is just my personal belief that the UI matters most, particularly in entertainment software. Because the UI is what any player interacts with all the time. It's the same with tools: if a tool fits your hands well, working with it is a joy. If the grip hurts because of it's awkward shape, your work is painful.

I strongly believe that good access to the available features is of greater importance than additional features. Five easy to use features give me more joy than ten inaccessible features. (I know I'm exaggerating.)

That being said, I love the humorous appearance of your game. I'm impressed by what you've accomplished in the past two weeks. And I'm glad I discovered Autonauts. It's fun to play and I'm very curious as to where it will go.

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I purchased Autonauts when it was version 4, because the core concept is very charming.

But with automisation being the key feature, I find it frustrating that the code doesn't fit the window as soon as loops are added. This is becoming more of an issue now with nested loops. I understand that you have lots of plans and that you can only ever do one thing at a time. But isn't coding the bots the main point of the game? Wouldn't you agree that legible code matters more than anything at this stage? Even if the current graphics for it are a placeholder? A wider window would take up too much room. But you're wasting so much valuable space inside that window with clunky graphics. Screen space is a very valuable commodity!

And the red "recording" background is strenuous. Imagine, you'd have to write your code on a red background and you'll get the idea.

Flashing is also strenuous and should be reserved for messages which require immediate attention. The flashing icons over the cows are an example of bad use of a flashing message. The milk icon is quite sufficient to inform the player.

And you have beautiful icons for every item. Wouldn't they be a good means to avoid this sort of mess in the inventory?

Sorry about sounding "bossy". I don't mean to. I'm just trying to be clear and explain my opinion well. It's nevertheless just my personal opinion.