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First you should clear all the weeds and place fertilizer on the soil to make weeds not appear again

 So you will need:

1. A bot who harvests the crops

2. A bot who collets the crops

3. A bot who makes seeds

4. A bot who plants seeds

(That is what i have but you can have 3 bots with 1 making seeds and planting them but i think that would be worse)

Also you make seeds in a Cereal Seeder (1 cereal = 2 seeds)

Maybe its a hidden file i am not sure i found this in the FAQ

You can delete worlds but its a bit manual go into the save file folder and delete what you dont want

Library/Application Support/Denki/Autonauts/


You can walk on fence blueprints

There is a post on that just find it

This is a known issuse and hopefully will be fixed tommorow

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W, A, S, D move the camera

left click to move to a spot or pick up item

right click to drop items or interact with buidings

E for blueprint menu

Space for whistle (allsws you to teach and trade with bots)

Edit: Q to put an item in your inventory

I to open your inventory

, and . to cycle trough items in your inventory

also if you have cheats enabled press R to spawn a basic workerbot

and press T to open item spawning menu

to enable cheats look here

Library/Application Support/Denki/Autonauts/

The only items that i couldnt get were:

- Crude Hoe

- Crude Sickle

- Crude Scythe

Other than those i got every single one and they are placed in the same order as on the cheat menu

Here is how the cheat menu looks

To enable the cheat menu look here

There is one way you have to edit your save file to make a bridge manually but dont do that cause it would take you waaay too long figuring out wich tiles to change (i only changed the 1st tile from sand to grass to see if it works and it does)

Autonauts community · Created a new topic I found out a tip

You can use , and . (or < and >) to cycle trough items in your inventory

yea but the gathering bot for me would pick up the porrige that the porrige makers make and they would get stuck and i didnt want to reprogram the bots that make porrige

I think this was mentioned and hopefully it will be fixed in version 4

huge towers block vision

I did the thing on your screenshot for a shovel bot and looped it forever and it worked but i dont know why your program has issues

You cant but you can use wooden tools not crude (made in a crude workbench(or i think its called crude workbench))

Wait till monday for version 4 and this bug will be hopefully fixed

Click on them when they are empty the low battery only tells you that they will be empty soon

This would be a great idea i could have a bot that needs a tool signal another bot to make a tool and give that to the requesting bot

The metal workbench is bugged i reported this bug and it will be fixed in mondays update

Also weeds cant grow on Fertilized soil (its called soil ig)

How did you do that

He arleady said he would try to fix this bug in version 4 on monday

then maybe restart your game but idk it should work

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it is thats how it works 1 cereal per crop

edit: and if you have the cereal seeder it gives you 2 seeds so you profit 1 cereal

I gathered all the folks but 1 bot cant keep up with feeding them all so i kind of failed because another bot will try to feed the same folks and drop the food instead

I gathered all the folks but 1 bot cant keep up with feeding them all so i kind of failed because another bot will try to feed the same folks and drop the food instead

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i use the repeat commands for my picking up items bots

EDIT: also try restarting your game

forever start

-repeat until full

-find nearest tree seed

-move to tree seed

-pick up tree seed

end of repeating

-repeat until empty

-move to general storage

-add to general storage

end of repeating

forever end

also i use it for my shovel bot

forever start

-repeat until empty

-find tree soil

-move to tree soil

-use held item

end of repeating

-grab another axe

forever end

doesnt matter if they are yellow if they are fully grown (try cutting them down)

Did you make it untill hands full if yes then bots have 6 hand slots not 4 like the player

If you click fast the location you want to go to you will go there faster by teleporting short distances

is your computer 32 bit or 64 bit

You make a bucket in the workbench and click on water with it

You get gears in a wooden router plz dont spam

you get food by either making a podridge pot and putting a water bucket and some cereal in it or making a windmill and making flour then baking crude bread in a clay oven

use a wooden router

You use flour to make crude bread in the clay oven