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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

Competition, how many Civilians can you sustain.

A topic by Greuslich created Jul 20, 2017 Views: 489 Replies: 9
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Hi there

This ist to all the other players out there to give them a reason to maximise their efforts. I'm currently at 30 happy people in my smal town, and anyone is invited to beat this number.

Let the games beginn. ^^

Well I hit my limit there, there are no more folks around to pick up.

expect this sad dude.

oh my

I gathered all the folks but 1 bot cant keep up with feeding them all so i kind of failed because another bot will try to feed the same folks and drop the food instead

Ii had the same issue I used an additional bot, gathering all the droped food and bring it back to storage.

yea but the gathering bot for me would pick up the porrige that the porrige makers make and they would get stuck and i didnt want to reprogram the bots that make porrige

Well I had my food production far away and used a linked storage to distribute it. And one bot to transfer food from the production storage to the feeding distribution storage. In case I run low on food and the storage link broke this onw would ensure the storage link would be restablished automatickly as soon as food becomes available again.

5 Days an no one tried to beat that number. Sad very sad.

I'm ready for the challenge!

Day 0, and counting!

aaaaaand, I gave up... I can only sustain 10 or so. >^<