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Don't say it doesn't work anymore cause, of course, it won't work. The new update removes it so yeah it won't work clearly.

you can still cheat in v21

Tell me (plz)

no just wait until December when the "creative" mode comes out 


There is no real reason to use the cheats that exist for Autonauts in the current version, since all they will do is allow you to set the capacity of each item's storage bin to a very large number and the current number of items in their bins.  In other words, you don't need to cut down logs and turn them into planks and poles and other items, etc.  But all that really means is that you skip doing all of the interesting tasks of the game.  If you just want to say "I beat the game", go ahead and tell yourself that, even if you haven't really done so.  I recommend instead that you enjoy playing the game just as the rest of us have.