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Sorry for taking 152 days to respond, mine runs at 90fps as well on a Rift CV1, rx 570 and an r 1600x, so the crashes certainly aren't due to the specs

It's quite fun, I got a high score of nine

why so low? the constant crashes

I haven't tryed it for it's intended use yet, but I have a issue were it trys to "interface" with my Rift and boots up the Oculus softare. (It doesn't show anything in VR though, it just boots it like it is trying to)

you would need to pay for it then

вам нужно отправить ресурсы на корабль.
затем начните использовать кнопку в левом верхнем углу

nope, even switching to the itch app version of it doesn't

also, use the itch app for auto-update

download the itch app, it can auto-update it

use the patroll option on the command center

why would that be a thing?

i mean, it would reduce the lag, but my mid-low teir pc runs the game at 500 fps, so why would that be a concern?

there are 2 right click functions (deleting and cansiling) and you can change them in the controls. i personaly preper the simplistic option, but you can set the cansle build function to be something else if you want

download it again, it updated 2 times in the last few days. it says the build on the menu screen, and the newest build is 94

does it pause when no-one is on it

also, would a pi 3 run it?

how does the server one work? i mean, a normal game will only last an hour or so, so how would a server, which is meant to last for weeks, work?


have a dig around in the file to find the save data

Free power

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Boosting titamium tracks make the items skip the corner a bit

kinda suprised the turrets don't target where the bots are going to be, not what they would do if the go in a strait line

also 360 fps 4k is neat

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I love this game, but arcs seem a bit op. you can just spam them and then wreck every bot that comes your way.

a power settup like this makes it even more powerfull

Also, this is basicly the difinitive way to feed factory blocks

it works with the rift

you press download and sellect the one for you

one of my troops has engaged hyper mode and goes faster than all the other troops

also, i din't know there was blood in this game

i did a deathless 11:59 speed run!

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i love this game, but i have found that if you dash at the same time as lading on a spring, you get teleported 

how did you get the 30 sec time for the hospital?

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I accept

YAY! i got it down to this:

i got this. also is the game realy 2 min long or am i just missing the rest?

if you dash at the exactly the same time as landing on a spring, you get teleport realy high

5 stars with 2 days and 1 hour left

i did this by using all my money at the start for wind farms and relying on the cheapness of coal

slight problem. the energy production bar for the wind farms is based on the average for wind turbines are, not the actual amount they are producing at the moment