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may i use this in a game i make?

how do i get these into unity?

such a good game! decided to pay for full, i mean 3.99 is nothing for an amazing game, and i still play the demo some times to have that retro feel!

i put boxes in van but it says not done... pls help and or make a tutorial

why will it not start downloading?

what do you do?

I feel guilty not paying. It is an amazing game. It is definitely worth the extra buck or so. Tips for unity coding?

which is better, postjam or jam?

How do i use items like the mouth harp and crude scooter?

Replied to Denki in Work In Progress

aww man..

i guess it will be good to start again

wait i cant find my saves.. where do i find them??


Oh, and can we load a game in 21.2 from one in 6.2? i still have that with 'Erin'  I remember this game almost right when it came out!! (or at least close)


DENKI!!!!!!it's been so long! i love the new changes! havent been here in a while so its all confusing but i will get used to it. you have made a huge advancement, keep it up!  oh, and BTW i hope you remember me :D

i really like the concept and how one problem leads to another but can be solved.


you dont even know how to play..........


VERY good and exciting game. i love that you can go in air and do cool tricks. the katana is awesome.

nice vid!!


feels nice to by played by Pewds, eh?

how scary is it


any lan play yet?


Nice video man!

sorry I'm late to reply, but your welcome!

i like your video! so funny XD

your welcome! the only thing is sometimes i get VERY lost, other than that great game!

its only portuguese, can you make english too

what is this supposed to be?


Replied to CANTALUPE in Tree grows ?

one more thing, music would make it sooo much better. thx!

Replied to Denki in Tree grows ?

thanks! i haven't played for a while but am trying to restart today. hopefully doesn't take long. :)

Created a new topic really fun and weird game


looks like a cool game, maybe try reducing the price just a little bit and i will definitely think on buying it. and the steam version still isn't out, that is fine, but when do you think it will be out?

Replied to Denki in Tree grows ?

Your welcome! the only thing is i forget to save my progress so now i have to start all over. i was sooo far. (BTW, maybe try to make auto save feature, that would be very handy)

i just finished it. took me about 2 hours to complete and only one try. i never even got to hire someone for the blade. though i did get the blade/

i just finished it. took me about 2 hours to complete and only one try. i never even got to hire someone for the blade. though i did get the blade/