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Who did you hire to slay the dragon?

A topic by Dullahan8 created Aug 22, 2016 Views: 26,850 Replies: 23
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I gave the sword to the thief (LOL) just because she was the first one to offer to do it and it took her 100 days to come back with the prize. Sometimes I wonder if I would have gotten a bigger prize if the adventurer had offered first because she said she had kept half of the prize for herself.

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I remember there being one hero (the tall one) that kept asking to go on a quest. But since I needed him to kill dragon, I denied him, and later he asked to go kill the dragon. Keep saying no to him until he asks for the dragon quest specifically.

I accidentally put the knight on jail xD and i was like... noooooooo!!


You have to give it to Knight. The tall hero. He won't fail, and bring you back all of your money, whereas if you hire the thief, she will keep half of the wealth.

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The Knight is who I got to do it. Just did it too. Up to 5k residents, over 1k happiness, and over 3k gold. I wish this game had an ending. :(


it does you have to join the council and at day end it says 'congrautulations you joined the couincil which means you won the game' which i had happen at 531 happiness

i just finished it. took me about 2 hours to complete and only one try. i never even got to hire someone for the blade. though i did get the blade/

i just finished it. took me about 2 hours to complete and only one try. i never even got to hire someone for the blade. though i did get the blade/

So if I joined at 1000 people and 352 happyness Im already done?

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Played the game a number of times 150+ days.. still want the Witch to take it.




I'm all for this.  The witch is a badass.  Very reliable.

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i didn't need to deny the knight once for it to work and he asked me first


Every time I have sent the knight out, he has come back empty handed...


I gave it to the thief. For a moment I thought my blade gone for ever... And the dragon safe ^^

me to XD

heres my playthrough 

I hired the thief and it took her 7 days, i think.


The thief has a point when she says she did all the hard work.

How does the game end. It says congratulation but the game still continues , i killed the dragon and got to be the king of the councils. and stillt he game continues with the scientist making a machine which brings  out 20 gold. 

after the dragon and the council of crowns completed the game is just allows you to keep playing.the only thing left to do is the L.A.P.I.N experiment(you need the gold gear from L-D 3.4).

I gave it to the thief... the knight wasnt coming back so i put my trust  in her.... I was wrong ): 

I gave the sword to the knight, absolutely without a question! He's lowkey pulled the entire kingdom out of debt several times; so many times I was swamped by money hungry subjects, like the witch appeasing the violent ghosts or the ridiculous jester asking for 700 coins, and the knight came 3-5 times in a row to offer treasure from his adventures. By far one of my top favorite characters. He ended up bringing all the treasure back and making people happy. TOTALLY LOVE HIM.

(I never gave in to the thief. Even if I had to wait ages for the knight to come around 2nd time I played the game. Never regretted my decision:)