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I haven't even begun playing, but I'm devastated it won't be finished! The art is gorgeous, the concept truly amazing, (and the guys TOTALLY ADORABLE HELP MY HEART). I'm really sorry to hear about the difficulties you've been having, hope everything improves and works out on your end. Still going to play anyway and cherish what you've worked hard to create.<3

Wow, so that's what the game was about. I feel so sad inside:c the tragedies of addictions are too real and common~

Thanks for your summary/review, helped me finally understand the game~

Yeah, same~ I feel ya.

I gave the sword to the knight, absolutely without a question! He's lowkey pulled the entire kingdom out of debt several times; so many times I was swamped by money hungry subjects, like the witch appeasing the violent ghosts or the ridiculous jester asking for 700 coins, and the knight came 3-5 times in a row to offer treasure from his adventures. By far one of my top favorite characters. He ended up bringing all the treasure back and making people happy. TOTALLY LOVE HIM.

(I never gave in to the thief. Even if I had to wait ages for the knight to come around 2nd time I played the game. Never regretted my decision:)

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The game had such pretty, soothing music (new study music, wooh!) and adorable graphics/illustrations. I supremely loved Radley, he's such a cinnamaroll! I took his route,  but sadly got ending 5~ so there wasn't any cute, happy ending. Not sure how to be with Radley, definitely wish there was more development to that (at least seeing the results of the competition/festival and finding out what happens to Radley in ending 5, since it seems like he's waiting still outside the door; - ;). It would be really nice if there were more options for the player to make (though I understand that would make the game much more complex). Overall a cute game.

Bugs: At the beginning of getting into Radley's route, he called the player/me "Ging" twice rather than "Jinni" (what I inputed for preferred nickname). Not a huge deal, just a note:)

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I really liked the game: the art was lovely and the message was impactful. But you need to get all three endings to really get the full message (got it in three goes~ not sure how that happened xD). It seemed like a game about plastic surgery and being prettier (actually thought there would be some cute romance with the doctor), but I got all three endings and was very moved by what the message was saying~ I also really liked how every time I went back and hit "new game", it wasn't actually a "new game"! And the doctor "knew" I kept putting down a different name each time; awesome feature there. Saving this game so I can definitely remind myself that beauty is only skin deep. Really glad I came across this, since recently I've been really tormented inside about my appearance, so I'm so grateful I came across this one.

Round 1: Hyun-Jin; listening to music, surfing the web, watching Attack on Titan, and writing!

Round 2: Jin (I forget lol); singing, dancing, and writing

Round 3: What the heck happened here??!!!; Is that blood on the walls????!!! (No joke, I put this there xD)

I would love to see more of your games. They're terrific! Thank you for your hard work!