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What do you think? Sticky

A topic by Stanza Creative Circle created Oct 01, 2016 Views: 2,797 Replies: 28
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Developer (1 edit)

this is thread for players to write about their impressions of the game!

what did you like? (́◉◞౪◟◉‵)

what did you not like?  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

what names and hobbies did you write down?

I liked the game. It was short, but nice. Playing it gave me this weird self-hate/insecurity vibe when I got lazy and input stuff actually related to me, but the dialogue never made it a serious discomfort. I love the second running of a new game where everything is darker and stuff.

I tried to get all the endings and is there no happy end? Where moron decides they should just be happy and leave?I got the Significantly Sadder, Mildly Mortified, and an AKA you're Shrek.

One thing I did dislike was how some of the new dialogue things fit into the conversation awkwardly.


Hello JigokuShoujosRevenge!

thanks for the feedback! it will help us avoid making the same mistakes on the next projects! 👌👌👌👌

There's a certain dialogue at the end that concludes the game, you can find it when given the last choice on the third play through, make sure to choose the second option! (psst it's the one that starts with "at this point")

I hope you like the last ending "true beauty" when you get to it 😆 any comments on that as well are very welcome :D thank you for taking the time to play it!

I'm not sure what you mean. I've played the game on like 5 different runs making different choices on each, but I never got a dialogue option like that.


oh? that's weird o_o what is the maximum number of beauty points did you get at any point while playing?

once you get 20+ points, you should finish the play through, and after the credits, click on "new game" again, there will be a third play through with some other choices that will lead you to the final ending!

Do you get any kinds of errors while playing?

No. And I got a lot of beauty points. So much so, I was confused as to what they were for. Maybe I'll redownload the game and see if that helps.


No need to redownload the game! just open the main menu, go to Preferences, and click "Reset" it should ask you if you're sure about erasing the saved data, click OK. The game gives you the last ending only if you unlocked both the first and second (Mildly Mortified, and Significantly Sadder) the Shrek phrase is just an easter egg that shows up whenever you choose to have green skin XD

maybe try having less than 20 points the first run (choose reasonable choices) and when you get the first ending "Mildly Mortified" play again and aim for the highest points (the shrek one will boost you significantly, it adds like 50 points lmao) you should get the second ending "Significantly Sadder" after that just start a new game and the third run of the game should start!

try not to use the Load feature at all, maybe the system messes up the points accumulated if you do idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I hope this is helping, this is out first game and i'm glad you're letting us help you through it ^^

You were right. Resetting and not loading anything got me to a third route with a dingier room. Thanks. And to test a bit after a playthrough, I loaded it again where I saved in the 3rd run and some answers were missing and after it sent me back to the 2nd run.


Oho! there's that pesky third ending!

thank you for testing it out and having patience ^^ i hope you had fun!

how many beauty points did you accumulate in the end? XD

I can't find the third ending no matter what!!! Please help me TT I keep getting "Significantly sadder" and I haven't loaded after resetting, I even reset it 3 times after getting the dark and scary music room each time, I just can't get it, please help!!!

Developer (2 edits)

hello raelubsfoxes!

the way to get the third ending is to start off with reasonable answers and get less than 20 beauty points!

after that aim for the more ridiculous choices (new ones will appear!) until you get Ending2: Significantly Sadder, it needs more than 20 points, so if you got it on your first run through you might need to reset and fight the urge to have more treatments xD

sorry about the troublesome method, that's how the game was programmed ;-;

the first ending is Mildly Mortified (less than 20 points )

the second ending Significaly Sadder (over 20 points)

The third ending (after getting end 1 and 2) and going though some of the new choices!

after getting both endings you can start a new game and you'll be on the third and last run, and depending on your choices you will find the last ending ^^

The problem is that I've already tried that method twiceand it doesn't work! I guess it can't be helped, I just wanted to see what the last ending qas like ;;


hello again!

we might have to go back and revise the way the endings are calculated so players don't end up stuck like you did ;-; but in the meantime, we'd like to learn more about why it's not working for you so we can avoid it in future projects!

make sure you have the most recent build (1.1) and then try these steps in order and see if you still can't get the third ending:

1- double click the game icon, on the main menu screen go to the main menu item labeled "Preferences", go to "Reset" and click "Really Reset" for the confirmation page. It will tell you that all progress has been erased.

2- go back to the main menu and select New Game. play the first run through, try to end up with less than 20 points by choosing normal requests, such as straight hair and fixing teeth, it will tell you at the end how many points you got.

3- select New Game and play again, the scene should be slightly darker and the music slower. this time try to get more points (it will add up with the points you got on your previous gameplay) you should end up with more than 20 points this time. (hint: choosing to change your skin color will skyrocket your points)

4- select New Game again, and you should be on the third play through. it will look significantly more ominous and the music more creepy, this is the third and last play through. in the end you will get two choices, one starts with YES and the other with something else, choose the YES and you will be on the route to the third ending.

please understand this game was done in a game jam, so less than 10 days was spent on it lmao, we're glad more people are playing it now so we can learn from our mistakes ^^

I really enjoyed playing this game! I thought the doctor looked a bit sketchy at first heh heh

I was a bit spooked when he remembered my choices, but that's actually really cool! Kudos to you on that.

Overall, it was a really great game! Thanks for publishing this.


Thank you very much for playing and commenting, so glad you had fun! 😂

i loved this game!   i just played it a week or two ago, so here goes...

what i liked: the sarcasm of the surgeon, overall message, the changes in the scenery the more you visited (pretty unsettling)

what i didn't like: i was expecting more horror, which i guess is a good thing because i wasn't covering my eyes after my first playthrough even though i did feel like something was genuinely off about the whole ordeal (mood done right!)

names and hobbies: i just kept changing the name to silly things people have mistaken my name for.  i think i put crocheting as hobby?


haha thank you for playing ashifer!

the horror tag was added even though it's mild was because some players expressed discomfort at the blood and overall claustrophobic feel of the last play through XD

i'm glad you had fun playing, thank you for the clear feedback!

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Hello! I really like the game you made and I decided to create an account here just to say it.

I like the fact that the game has a small number of images but you get involved and start to see differences in the face of the doctor though it didn't really change  :D

And you masterfully led the main idea through all the routes. I don't know, probably, it's made like this but I've got endings just as they go according to the number (1,2,3) and the connection of all of them creates a special feeling. I think I can relate to the main character and that is why the third route ending really touched me and I dropped a few tears (no joking).

But there was one thing that made me laugh it was the doctor's words about that I always changed my name when coming to him. But I didn't really :)

I can say your game is one of the best short games of this kind because it evokes feelings and thoughts, it's well-balanced and leaves an amazing impression. This game is just great, thank you!


hello Evlora! 

thank you so much for the nice comment, it's an honor and a great compliment when someone creates a user in a site just to add a comment to something they enjoyed :D thank you very much!

haha not changing your name was a great move, at least you won against the doctor in SOMEthing! 

I just finished playing the game and getting all the endings, and I have to say that I love it. It's such a deep game, even with it's shortness. I like how the final ending goes and the weight of your choices being questioned to make you think about your choices. The art is lovely, and the menu is simple but very well designed. I kind of with there were more to the game, just because it's that interesting.


Hello IllumiPy! 

thank you very much for the encouraging comment ;w;

we're glad you had fun playing, it makes the stress of the limited time of the jam well worth the effort XD

I thoroughly enjoyed this game! I found it's message deep, in a way. I'm someone who struggles with self-esteem issues due to my appearance and the words in this game helped me see things in a new light. I also must confess - I fell a little bit in love with the doctor! I wanted to hug him so tight after he revealed his backstory. Does he have a name, by the way?


aaaah thank you so much!

this is very high praise indeed! 

we're glad you had a nice time and found a new way to love yourself ♥

the doctor has a name but it was never mentioned in game, but since you asked: Alaa (pronounced like the first part of the name Aladdin)  it means "someone who aims for higher morals" !

we hope you had fun, we'll tell Alaa you send him hugs XD

I must this account just so that I could tell you that I just booted up this game my birthday actually was 2 weeks ago, bit freaked out to be honest. 

I really like this game. My favorite ending was the third one. The weird thing is, I played this game for fun (lol duh) but it kind of made me feel better about myself. I think it was something he said when I got to the third ending. I also liked how the characters knew that it wasn't the first time they seen each other when I played a few more times. Honestly, there was nothing I didn't like about this game but I must admit. When I got the first ending twice I thought the other endings will be difficult to obtain but only the third was a bit tricky. I had to play four times in order to get the third ending. But I'm not complaining. I really like it. Thank you for making it!

Im late too comment on the game BUT i really liked it and now i cant wait for Dentist Drama to come out XD

(2 edits)

I really liked the game: the art was lovely and the message was impactful. But you need to get all three endings to really get the full message (got it in three goes~ not sure how that happened xD). It seemed like a game about plastic surgery and being prettier (actually thought there would be some cute romance with the doctor), but I got all three endings and was very moved by what the message was saying~ I also really liked how every time I went back and hit "new game", it wasn't actually a "new game"! And the doctor "knew" I kept putting down a different name each time; awesome feature there. Saving this game so I can definitely remind myself that beauty is only skin deep. Really glad I came across this, since recently I've been really tormented inside about my appearance, so I'm so grateful I came across this one.

Round 1: Hyun-Jin; listening to music, surfing the web, watching Attack on Titan, and writing!

Round 2: Jin (I forget lol); singing, dancing, and writing

Round 3: What the heck happened here??!!!; Is that blood on the walls????!!! (No joke, I put this there xD)

I would love to see more of your games. They're terrific! Thank you for your hard work!

Currently blinking back tears, really emotional, moving game. My favorite part was when the doctor explained how his gift worked. But seriously, I'd love to smell like strawberries when I sweat

I admit i was expecting some horrible shit to happen once i noticed the scenery was looking creepier than before at the third ending,but this is actually pretty sweet.And surprisingly deep too. I really enjoyed playing this.