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You were right. Resetting and not loading anything got me to a third route with a dingier room. Thanks. And to test a bit after a playthrough, I loaded it again where I saved in the 3rd run and some answers were missing and after it sent me back to the 2nd run.

No. And I got a lot of beauty points. So much so, I was confused as to what they were for. Maybe I'll redownload the game and see if that helps.

I'm not sure what you mean. I've played the game on like 5 different runs making different choices on each, but I never got a dialogue option like that.

I liked the game. It was short, but nice. Playing it gave me this weird self-hate/insecurity vibe when I got lazy and input stuff actually related to me, but the dialogue never made it a serious discomfort. I love the second running of a new game where everything is darker and stuff.

I tried to get all the endings and is there no happy end? Where moron decides they should just be happy and leave?I got the Significantly Sadder, Mildly Mortified, and an AKA you're Shrek.

One thing I did dislike was how some of the new dialogue things fit into the conversation awkwardly.