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I'm not sure what you mean. I've played the game on like 5 different runs making different choices on each, but I never got a dialogue option like that.

oh? that's weird o_o what is the maximum number of beauty points did you get at any point while playing?

once you get 20+ points, you should finish the play through, and after the credits, click on "new game" again, there will be a third play through with some other choices that will lead you to the final ending!

Do you get any kinds of errors while playing?

No. And I got a lot of beauty points. So much so, I was confused as to what they were for. Maybe I'll redownload the game and see if that helps.

No need to redownload the game! just open the main menu, go to Preferences, and click "Reset" it should ask you if you're sure about erasing the saved data, click OK. The game gives you the last ending only if you unlocked both the first and second (Mildly Mortified, and Significantly Sadder) the Shrek phrase is just an easter egg that shows up whenever you choose to have green skin XD

maybe try having less than 20 points the first run (choose reasonable choices) and when you get the first ending "Mildly Mortified" play again and aim for the highest points (the shrek one will boost you significantly, it adds like 50 points lmao) you should get the second ending "Significantly Sadder" after that just start a new game and the third run of the game should start!

try not to use the Load feature at all, maybe the system messes up the points accumulated if you do idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I hope this is helping, this is out first game and i'm glad you're letting us help you through it ^^