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Hello! I really like the game you made and I decided to create an account here just to say it.

I like the fact that the game has a small number of images but you get involved and start to see differences in the face of the doctor though it didn't really change  :D

And you masterfully led the main idea through all the routes. I don't know, probably, it's made like this but I've got endings just as they go according to the number (1,2,3) and the connection of all of them creates a special feeling. I think I can relate to the main character and that is why the third route ending really touched me and I dropped a few tears (no joking).

But there was one thing that made me laugh it was the doctor's words about that I always changed my name when coming to him. But I didn't really :)

I can say your game is one of the best short games of this kind because it evokes feelings and thoughts, it's well-balanced and leaves an amazing impression. This game is just great, thank you!

hello Evlora! 

thank you so much for the nice comment, it's an honor and a great compliment when someone creates a user in a site just to add a comment to something they enjoyed :D thank you very much!

haha not changing your name was a great move, at least you won against the doctor in SOMEthing!