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I can't find the third ending no matter what!!! Please help me TT I keep getting "Significantly sadder" and I haven't loaded after resetting, I even reset it 3 times after getting the dark and scary music room each time, I just can't get it, please help!!!

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hello raelubsfoxes!

the way to get the third ending is to start off with reasonable answers and get less than 20 beauty points!

after that aim for the more ridiculous choices (new ones will appear!) until you get Ending2: Significantly Sadder, it needs more than 20 points, so if you got it on your first run through you might need to reset and fight the urge to have more treatments xD

sorry about the troublesome method, that's how the game was programmed ;-;

the first ending is Mildly Mortified (less than 20 points )

the second ending Significaly Sadder (over 20 points)

The third ending (after getting end 1 and 2) and going though some of the new choices!

after getting both endings you can start a new game and you'll be on the third and last run, and depending on your choices you will find the last ending ^^

The problem is that I've already tried that method twiceand it doesn't work! I guess it can't be helped, I just wanted to see what the last ending qas like ;;

hello again!

we might have to go back and revise the way the endings are calculated so players don't end up stuck like you did ;-; but in the meantime, we'd like to learn more about why it's not working for you so we can avoid it in future projects!

make sure you have the most recent build (1.1) and then try these steps in order and see if you still can't get the third ending:

1- double click the game icon, on the main menu screen go to the main menu item labeled "Preferences", go to "Reset" and click "Really Reset" for the confirmation page. It will tell you that all progress has been erased.

2- go back to the main menu and select New Game. play the first run through, try to end up with less than 20 points by choosing normal requests, such as straight hair and fixing teeth, it will tell you at the end how many points you got.

3- select New Game and play again, the scene should be slightly darker and the music slower. this time try to get more points (it will add up with the points you got on your previous gameplay) you should end up with more than 20 points this time. (hint: choosing to change your skin color will skyrocket your points)

4- select New Game again, and you should be on the third play through. it will look significantly more ominous and the music more creepy, this is the third and last play through. in the end you will get two choices, one starts with YES and the other with something else, choose the YES and you will be on the route to the third ending.

please understand this game was done in a game jam, so less than 10 days was spent on it lmao, we're glad more people are playing it now so we can learn from our mistakes ^^