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Lmao, wait are we all afraid to say I love you, or is that part different?

Lol oh okay. That makes sense.

Lol not going to lie, the ending freaked me out. And at the same time something popped up on my laptop saying error. (not your fault tho. My laptop is a tad bit  old but it freaked me out nonetheless) 😂😂

I really like this game. I was about to tear up though. It's only because I'm a big baby and I have a little sister and I know I'll hate myself if something were to ever happen to her. And I just love the 2nd endings. They're so adorable!

Love this game! And the endings are so adorable. Quick question: on the Philippe route, near the end he says "Are you going to tell me that you've got leukemia and that I shouldn't have fallen for you in the first place?" Is that from A Walk To Remember? I just love that book and the movie and for some reason, that part reminded me of it.

Love this game! Short but fun to read.

I really like this game. My favorite ending was the third one. The weird thing is, I played this game for fun (lol duh) but it kind of made me feel better about myself. I think it was something he said when I got to the third ending. I also liked how the characters knew that it wasn't the first time they seen each other when I played a few more times. Honestly, there was nothing I didn't like about this game but I must admit. When I got the first ending twice I thought the other endings will be difficult to obtain but only the third was a bit tricky. I had to play four times in order to get the third ending. But I'm not complaining. I really like it. Thank you for making it!

I LOVE IT! I really love this game. It was unpredictable, great and the artwork (as well as the story line) was awesome. But I don't hear any of the characters voices. I made sure the volume of it was up really high but I can only hear the background music. And whenever I try to load a saved game, it would stay on a black screen and exit the game after awhile. But like I said, overall, pretty awesome game.


Cool game. After a couple of tries I was finally able to eat instead of having a breakdown.

OMG I LOVE THIS!!!! My favorite is Demian. Please update.

Omg same!