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it does you have to join the council and at day end it says 'congrautulations you joined the couincil which means you won the game' which i had happen at 531 happiness

Tachyon community · Created a new topic CANT SEE SHIP!!

I cant see my ship but the game looks so fun!!

AWE-FRICKIN SOME!!!!!(buuuuuut scary)

I Agree

This has WebGL in it! (ruined everything)


i cant rotate any items

wont let me install!

Ever on windows?

Before anybody without WebGL plays i'm going to tell you something... it has WebGL


WORST GAME EVER DO NOT INSTALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right when it says setup

Fun  at first then it got boooooooooring

and yes i did run the file and then my computer shut down at me running as administrator

yes i did download BF2

I think it was because i didn't place all the items they needed other than that glitch. GAME IS AWESOME

yes i found the tutorial when trying to rotate an item but my hand slipped.(before i made the comment

sorry about the last things i said very rude please forgive me. Love the graphics

but in general nothing is working... and i cant see anything but diego out

thank you :D

ALL people who thought this was the real FULL game its not alright people who created this please put DEMO in title PLEASE?

yeah i REALLY want it for windows please?

loved it! :D

it just says diego out

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There is a very wierd problem with the workers not coming into the hotel i spent a lot of money on them but they just sat outside taking my money supposedly 'getting paid' its really good although really wish there was a tutorial spent a long time figuring how to open a room.

wont let me play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!