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Buggy VERY Buggy

A topic by SidusuTDN created Jul 28, 2017 Views: 196 Replies: 5
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There is a very wierd problem with the workers not coming into the hotel i spent a lot of money on them but they just sat outside taking my money supposedly 'getting paid' its really good although really wish there was a tutorial spent a long time figuring how to open a room.


Hotel Tycoon is on Alpha, that means that you should expect bugs.

You can do 2 things:

1. Make that 50 minutes wasted time

2. Help us improve the game by letting us know how did you get that bug

Consider doing the second one and we'll gladly try to fix it so you can enjoy playing Hotel Tycoon =)


sorry about the last things i said very rude please forgive me. Love the graphics


There's an in-game tutorial (press T).

About the bug, that's an annoying pathfinding bug related to the engine that we've been trying to avoid (we hope that in the future we'll find the way to fix it). For now, I recommend you to make easy paths for the workers and guests (by avoiding a maze-hotel: this bug is caused mostly by walls).

yes i found the tutorial when trying to rotate an item but my hand slipped.(before i made the comment

I think it was because i didn't place all the items they needed other than that glitch. GAME IS AWESOME