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We added a small window with some cheats! Just press F1 :)


I'm sorry. I've been really busy and haven't had enough time to finish alpha 8. But we haven't stopped working on it. Alpha 8 is almost done. Once we have finished the save system (we've changed how AI works, and that means that we've to re-do AI saving) we'll publish Alpha 8. But I'm sorry I can't tell you a date. As soon as Alpha 8 is done, it will be released.

Thank you for your interest!


Thank you for all your suggestions. Some of them are already on our to-do list. We'll try to do our best. But they won't be added in the next alpha (Alpha 8 is almost done).

Thank you!

We're already working on Alpha 8! And, we'll see if we can do a "delete this hotel" button. :)

Hello! The save files are (if you're using Windows) on  C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\Avr Games\Hotel Tycoon

Just delete the .txt files with the names of the hotels you want to delete!


The clone-room system needs a lot of polish. We'll be improving it for the next updates.

About this post, this question was done for the old room objects assigments, which used a different system (there weren't room areas).

It should be in the next folder: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\Avr Games\Hotel Tycoon

The clone room function is a bit limited (will be upgraded in future
updates). For now, it only copies room objects, and it won't let you
paste it above other objects if those objects interfere with the copied

The cleaning room system is a bit buggy for now (sorry! :S). Try deleting the sheet shelfs and placing new ones, or firing/hiring cleaners. If it still doesn't work, please send us your save file to and we'll try to fix it.


Use the "Dirt" floor (is free, and is the same as the ground floor).

You need to place floors in order to be able to place objects.

In C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\ -> Avr Games -> Hotel Tycoon

The clone room function is a bit limited (will be upgraded in future updates). For now, it only copies room objects, and it won't let you paste it above other objects if those objects interfere with the copied objects.


If when that happens a notification shows saying that there are no rooms left, it could be because the beds aren't getting cleaned.


Have you checked that every room has a cleaned bed? If guests aren't getting rooms is possibly because there are no clean beds (clean beds have a light-blue sheet, while dirty beds don't have sheets).


There's an in-game tutorial (press T).

About the bug, that's an annoying pathfinding bug related to the engine that we've been trying to avoid (we hope that in the future we'll find the way to fix it). For now, I recommend you to make easy paths for the workers and guests (by avoiding a maze-hotel: this bug is caused mostly by walls).

Hotel Tycoon is on Alpha, that means that you should expect bugs.

You can do 2 things:

1. Make that 50 minutes wasted time

2. Help us improve the game by letting us know how did you get that bug

Consider doing the second one and we'll gladly try to fix it so you can enjoy playing Hotel Tycoon =)

Hello craycraylivie!

Alpha 7 will be released tomorrow. If the bug is still there, just tell us!

- Avr Games

Are you using windows? If yes, are you playing with app?

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Hello MrzzDeadpoolzzz!

Well, cheat codes is a good idea, but we prefer to focus on other things for now. Maybe in the future.

If you really want to use cheats, you can go to the save folder (C:\Users\%USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Avr Games\Hotel Tycoon for Windows), open the saved file with notepad and edit the number between saveMoney (<saveMoney>this number</saveMoney>).

But, thank you for the idea!

Hello, Parker37!

When saving, it should appear a "Game saved" text in the middle of the screen. Are you using Windows? If you can't find a way to make it save, send us an email at and we will try to help you.

Thank you!


Could you please send us your save file (located at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Avr Games\Hotel Tycoon)?

If you can't send it though here, you can email us at and we'll try to fix it.

Thank you!

Hello Daniel,

How many sheets baskets do you have?

When the cleaners stop cleaning the beds, do they have a sheets rack with sheets?

The new cleaning system needs some fixes, we'll check it for the next version.

Thank you!

Hello Daniel,

We'll try to fix it for the next update!

Thank you!

Hello Daniel!

Thank you for your idea, we'll add it to our to-do list. If we have enough time, it will be implemented for Alpha 7 (won't promise anything)!

Thank you,

David Gómez, head developer

We've sent you an email!

Thank you for the ideas! We'll have them on mind!

- Avr Games

Hello ashlow!

The bug is now fixed. You should be able to play it on itchio's app.

Thank you!

- Avr Games

This game isn't optimized yet (in fact, for Alpha 6 we're working on it), so in some computers won't launch. If your computer is good enough to run the game, check the last update (alpha 5) and if it doesn't start send us an emai to and we'll try to help you.

Thank you!

- Avr Games

Oh, right. That would be fixed for the next version!

Do they go to the reception?

Thank you a lot for all the ideas! We really love how you want to make Hotel Tycoon waaay better. We'll try to do our best. Most of your ideas are added to our to-do list, so they might be done at any time! Thank you!

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Haha, okay! We'll see what can we do.