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Hotel Tycoon - Suggestions Sticky

A topic by AvrGames created Jan 10, 2017 Views: 1,311 Replies: 36
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Any idea will let us know how would you like the game to be in the future! So, if you have anything that would make Hotel Tycoon better, post it here!

Add public restrooms than any guest can use, if there would be public restrooms i would place them on the restaurant, and also add benches in outdoor decoration, so i can build a kind of park in my hotel, that would be cool.

Add more things that cleaners need to clean, not just beds, maybe the tables when the guests stop eating, they leave the dishes there and the cleaners need to clean them, maybe toilets, that toilets get dirty or stuck and cleaners need to fix them.


You should make a bug report post.


I found it a bit frustrating that when I bought a new pack of supplies (e.g. food), the worker started filling up the refridgerator by 5 items every time, running back and forth from the road to the kitchen, and finally, when the fridge was full, he took the rest of the box and put it in the storage position which was just beside the fridge. It would save alot of time if he instead made a priority to first move the whole box (50 food) to the storage position which is closest to the fridge, and then start filling the fridge, so he doesn't have to run such long way back and forth with only 5 food at a time. :)

The same thing happens to me all the time. but i just ignore it, i dont know if it is a serious problem in your case...

It will be put on the to-do list :)


I would like options like wallpaper. I think the walls don't look that pretty curently.

That's a thing that is on our to-do list, but will be implemented in a future release (as we prefer to focus on more important things for now).

Trate pero no puedo escribir esto en ingles y que se me entienda...

Un boton *una opcion* para borrar las cajas de supplies, porque tengo el espacio ese de 2x2 lleno de cajas de bebidas y no puedo ordenar comida, y no tengo nada de comida en el refrigerador, y los clientes se enojan y no puedo hacer nada para que se queden y se van y no de dan nada de dinero y los workers no mueven las cajas de bebidas a las demas storage places no se porque y ahora no puedo hacer nada hasta que pongan la opcion de borrar los supplies para que pueda tener comida y no se que hacer y me estoy desesperando y escribo cualquier cosa aiudaaaa.

En principio los puestos de almacenaje (storage places) están para solucionar ese problema.

Pero no funcionan! el trabajador no mueve las cajas.

Nevermind, i just bought a lot of minifridges, the workers moved the drinks there and i was able to buy some food.

You should add a button thatforces all guests to leave the hotel, because guests sometimes get stuck and forces me to create a new world.

If we can't fix the pathfinding bug (that makes guests get stuck), we'll put a "panic button" for the guests.

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Heres the list of what my initial thoughts after playing for a bit. Have a look through and see if you feel they are right for your game:

-make the room creation a select box. You click create room, click 1, draw a box which highlights the squares (and anything on them like walls/furniture). When you add furniture into this now flagged region it is automatically added to the room contents. You could also add modifier keys like ALT+LMB to add to the room and CTRL+LMB to remove, that way you could make rooms of odd shapes if you wished. (After some thought this idea reminds me of prison architect a bit).

-In the options add a "pawn reset" option which would reset all pathing and teleport all pawns to the starting spawn area. Ultimate bug fixer right there. (I noticed a few times workers or cleaners getting stuck on walls or trying to path through them. I even had cleaners stuck on spawn.

-4, 6, 8 seater tables.
-Larger build area (starting build area needs to be reduced in size and unlocked as you increase prestige).
-Clone room tool so you can copy/paste whole rooms.

-Add icons to the food/cleaner/drinks storage zones and boxes so you can easily see what needs ordered and which squares are assigned to what.

-Mouse over tooltip for the resturant bar to see X/6 meals available.

-Change staff wages to /day rather than /h (I'm guessing /h is per hour but is actually charged at per day). A summary of your staff costs added somewhere around your cash total (Maybe in red brackets after your total).

-A progress bar under your cash to check on your progress towards your prestige level

-A notification area (top right of screen maybe). for things like "A guest is unhappy due to (REASON)", "A guest left due to (REASON)", "You are low on drinks, X minifridges need restocked", "You are low on cleaning products, X cleaners shelves need restocked", You are low of food, X fridges need restocked"

-Guests requiring specific needs (this may already be in the game, idk)

-Couples requiring double beds (add double beds). Groups requiring rooms with 2 or 3 single beds.

-Change the music hard-cut when you change between manage and build modes (make it fade out/in).

-Tables require cleaning, some guests use a nearby bin so tables require less cleaning. Bins require emptying. Cleanliness has an impact on guest happiness.

-Shower, sink and toilet requiring cleaning after a few uses. Maybe somewhere between 3-10?

-Additional decorative items like more flooring, wallpaper, curtains, table options (tablecloths or table designs), themed items under different pages in decorations (I see you already have a few) Xmas/Halloween/Valentines/Easter/etc...

-Guest overview (like staff one) by clicking guest number icon. Show the same as mouse over but for all guests in tableform.

-Mouse control camera

-Staff only doors

-Price beside supplies order button so you know what each one costs (since they have different prices).

-Pause, Play and X2 Speed buttons.

-Reword "cleaner's things" to "cleaning" in supplies order menu, "cleaning supplies box" when mousing over box and "cleaning supplies" when mousing over cleaners shelf. If all of these places reference the item itself just rename it to "cleaning supplies"

-Maybe add the ability to build additional floors and add stairs/elevators. Add a + and - on the side with the floor number and add teh ability to click notifications (see above) and "zoom to" the problem. (I added this last as its probably somethign to add MUCH later, once everythign else is implemented, maybe add this as an unlock?)

Anyway, just a few thoughts and suggestions (some already mentioned in previous posts by others). Great start though.

It's quite funny because there're some things already done for the Alpha 5 (like the rooms system and the storage places) and a lot of things that you've said are on our "to-do" list, but still you have inspired us to improve a lot of things. Thank you very much!

By the way, we would like you to test the alphas before they're available to the public as we need testers like you. If you want, send us an email at and we'll gladly explain you how it works.

Thank you!

- Avr Games

I was just playing Alpha 5 build and for the first hour or two I came up with a list of things I noticed.

- Build is a bit difficult because I can't see which tile I am on. It is probably just a preference kind of thing but I like it a lot when games show grid lines of the tiles. It helps me build and see which tile I am hovering.

- I like the way you guys do the rooms. I want to be able to be able set a Kitchen area, Supply area, Cleaning area, Reception area, ect. I think this will be good for people that want to plan out their areas out a bit more. It also helps because the workers can go and actually stay in that area so they don't just sit in the front of the hotel.

- If you guys could find a way for people to copy and paste rooms that would make building all the better and make it a lot of fun.

- I think you guys could make the UI a bit smaller because it seems really clutter with the empty space of the items.

- I would like to see a graphical option in the game as well just for the UI Changes.

- Along with the options I think you guys could make a hint tab so people can go and look at some of the tips you guys give us at the beginning. This helps give players something to fall back on when they are picking up the game after some months and not really have to worry about remembering what conditions are for what.

- I think maybe making the supply area textures a bit bigger so it looks like its actually taking up the tile. Having a logo inside the tile would help differentiate the different area would be nice too.

- With the different items I think you guys can make some of them half a tile. Like the lamp should be able to snap on to the nightstand. This will open up more items you guys can put in to make our hotels look really fancy.

- Finally once we get into the game I think we should have a key to let us see different levels of the hotel. I didn't get this far but I was wondering if that is already implemented and if not it would make it a lot of fun.

- Sandbox mode would be great for people that are trying to get use to the game and then have one that is a "Career Mode" for people that want to try the typical tycoon games.

- Possibly have people build hotels as a competition and then the winner will be put into the game as a rival hotel as a separate game mode.

- Maybe have it so we are in different areas of the world trying to build a hotel or like limit our building area so we have to adjust to the environment.

- Walls should be a separate thing from the doors and I think the door/walls should be able to give some money back not all of it but some. Since miss clicking is going to happen.

- Possibly have a store that sells merch and other things.

- I think if we place a "Grand Opening" would be a way for players to initial customers.

- Also a way to tell us if our hotel is good enough to have people rent the rooms would help too. I think its a bit hard to tell if were doing the things right but the hint listen I mention above would help too.

Well I think thats everything I could come up with. If you need me to re-explains anything just tell me. :D

Are you asking a lot of the devs.? That seems like a lot to do and code in.

Well the devs have the power to put in what they want. This is more of a suggestion that I personally think that could make the game better. Most of these are pushing their code but I think it would be good to learn and try to implement since coding is problem solving. Like I said, it is always up to the developers to take the feedback and see what is due able or what is best for their game.


Thank you a lot for all the ideas! We really love how you want to make Hotel Tycoon waaay better. We'll try to do our best. Most of your ideas are added to our to-do list, so they might be done at any time! Thank you!

I have been playing for about 3 hours and I had a laugh everytime I said we serve Blood soup and blood Drinks.If you could change the food texture to something else that would be great!

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Haha, okay! We'll see what can we do.

hello AvrGames im a braziliam and have ideas/sugestions for the game:

guards and thiefs: frequently in the game can have thiefs because this you will need guards for stop he.

furniture: in the game you can have furnitures like pc, consoles (no copywrit xD), desk, bookshelf, speakers, tv, dvd player, printer, mirrors, sofa, sink, and windows (not the pc more one time xD)

room: living room (tv, consoles...)

types of food like IronKitten (blood soup) says but with types like soup,soda  ( in can of course), juice (in cup),salad ,garlic for vampires(kkkkkk in kidding), spaghetti (PAPYRUS) and bread when is morning and afternoon


Thank you for the ideas! We'll have them on mind!

- Avr Games

I have been playing Hotel Tyycoon since Alpha 3, (and only just figured out how to comment on you game site! ;D) and I have really seen Hotel Tycoon get better and better! The 1 Thing in think you should definitely add in Alpha 7 in a loan system! Because usually I find myself spending too much money in the beginning of the game, and then I would have to restart the game too get my money back. If there was a loan system, where you could open a GUI and have different loan amounts, like 1000$, 2000$, 5000$, 10000$, ect. And the game would automatically take that money back that it gave you as a loan in 10 - 30 days depending on the size of the loan. I would love to see this in Alpha 7!

-Btw, I did some episodes on your game on my youtube channel! (Im just saying, not trying to sponsor my youtube channel).


Hello Daniel!

Thank you for your idea, we'll add it to our to-do list. If we have enough time, it will be implemented for Alpha 7 (won't promise anything)!

Thank you,

David Gómez, head developer

Thanks! ;D

Can you make it so that a guests happiness isnt all based on food? Because if your cooks cant keep up, and theres no food in the food stall thingy, your guests just freak out!  This has happened to me multiple times, and usually I lose tons of money because my workers are taking it, and I cant make enough because my guests are angry!

Hello! I really love your game! But for some reason when I saved then exited the game the next day it said I had workers and guests but they weren't there. Please help!

Hello craycraylivie!

Alpha 7 will be released tomorrow. If the bug is still there, just tell us!

- Avr Games


The menu is too big! Please AVRGames, fix this in a patch! The menu is just so big, it blocks a lot of the screen. And the (What item this is pop-up) Takes up even more room! Just make it smaller, or remove it. It just kinda feels weird to have to shift your camera to the left to build on the right.

Please, Please fix this... ;C...

I'm late but you should add pools and different types of rooms like penthouses, suites and regular rooms.  The rooms will have better things. Also add families so you can add more beds in room. Also more realism in the lobbies like putting couches where customers sit instead of staff.  Put a map when you start so you can put your hotel other places to make like a resort. Rating like entertainment, how they been treated and etc. You able to advertise your hotels so more people come. People roam around more out side also. I have more things but I got bored I love this game and since I don't have any card or bank thing I can't donate, so sorry. I hope you make a giant update soon. Please reply!


Thank you for all your suggestions. Some of them are already on our to-do list. We'll try to do our best. But they won't be added in the next alpha (Alpha 8 is almost done).

Thank you!

k tanks

It would be great if you guys could add a sandbox mode, where we had unlimited money and we could control how many guests enter/exit the hotel. 

'Nuff said

Great idea!