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Well the devs have the power to put in what they want. This is more of a suggestion that I personally think that could make the game better. Most of these are pushing their code but I think it would be good to learn and try to implement since coding is problem solving. Like I said, it is always up to the developers to take the feedback and see what is due able or what is best for their game.

I was just playing Alpha 5 build and for the first hour or two I came up with a list of things I noticed.

- Build is a bit difficult because I can't see which tile I am on. It is probably just a preference kind of thing but I like it a lot when games show grid lines of the tiles. It helps me build and see which tile I am hovering.

- I like the way you guys do the rooms. I want to be able to be able set a Kitchen area, Supply area, Cleaning area, Reception area, ect. I think this will be good for people that want to plan out their areas out a bit more. It also helps because the workers can go and actually stay in that area so they don't just sit in the front of the hotel.

- If you guys could find a way for people to copy and paste rooms that would make building all the better and make it a lot of fun.

- I think you guys could make the UI a bit smaller because it seems really clutter with the empty space of the items.

- I would like to see a graphical option in the game as well just for the UI Changes.

- Along with the options I think you guys could make a hint tab so people can go and look at some of the tips you guys give us at the beginning. This helps give players something to fall back on when they are picking up the game after some months and not really have to worry about remembering what conditions are for what.

- I think maybe making the supply area textures a bit bigger so it looks like its actually taking up the tile. Having a logo inside the tile would help differentiate the different area would be nice too.

- With the different items I think you guys can make some of them half a tile. Like the lamp should be able to snap on to the nightstand. This will open up more items you guys can put in to make our hotels look really fancy.

- Finally once we get into the game I think we should have a key to let us see different levels of the hotel. I didn't get this far but I was wondering if that is already implemented and if not it would make it a lot of fun.

- Sandbox mode would be great for people that are trying to get use to the game and then have one that is a "Career Mode" for people that want to try the typical tycoon games.

- Possibly have people build hotels as a competition and then the winner will be put into the game as a rival hotel as a separate game mode.

- Maybe have it so we are in different areas of the world trying to build a hotel or like limit our building area so we have to adjust to the environment.

- Walls should be a separate thing from the doors and I think the door/walls should be able to give some money back not all of it but some. Since miss clicking is going to happen.

- Possibly have a store that sells merch and other things.

- I think if we place a "Grand Opening" would be a way for players to initial customers.

- Also a way to tell us if our hotel is good enough to have people rent the rooms would help too. I think its a bit hard to tell if were doing the things right but the hint listen I mention above would help too.

Well I think thats everything I could come up with. If you need me to re-explains anything just tell me. :D