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hello AvrGames im a braziliam and have ideas/sugestions for the game:

guards and thiefs: frequently in the game can have thiefs because this you will need guards for stop he.

furniture: in the game you can have furnitures like pc, consoles (no copywrit xD), desk, bookshelf, speakers, tv, dvd player, printer, mirrors, sofa, sink, and windows (not the pc more one time xD)

room: living room (tv, consoles...)

types of food like IronKitten (blood soup) says but with types like soup,soda  ( in can of course), juice (in cup),salad ,garlic for vampires(kkkkkk in kidding), spaghetti (PAPYRUS) and bread when is morning and afternoon


Thank you for the ideas! We'll have them on mind!

- Avr Games