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Impressive little game for a one-day jam!

I loved the progression, although it became quite easy towards the end when I found a particularly lucrative route (not illegal goods).

Since you're mentioning possible future versions, here's some wishes :)
- Some stats of the boats so you know what you're buying (cargo, speed, propulsion system etc). I happened to downgrade to a smuggler boat not knowing that it would be much less cargo than the one I had...
- A minimap of the world would be awesome (perhaps even with trading details of each island once you've visited it)

I found more cards than available? ;)

Awesome game! Spending countless of hours here...

Also, this reminds me of the boardgame Dice Settlers, which I really enjoy, so this game really scratches that itch!

I don't know, I'm trying to run it via the Itch app :/

Can't play the game, it seems to be endlessly stuck in a loading screen (circular loading animation). Am I missing something that needs to be installed?

You can also make Y by combining 3 letters. Guess which. ;)

Fun game! Never found the shield upgrade though?

Three tower solution on level 8 - Can't have fewer than that, or? :D







Level 7 was tricky! But eventually I managed to solve it by using a short loop for the left car. :)

See screenshot on a recent comment, if you're interested. :)


Level 7 was tricky! But eventually I managed to solve it by using a short loop for the left car. :)

See screenshot below:







Thanks for your answers!

Looking forward to the upcoming updates! :)

Wow! Awesome progress on the game so far! I really love the feel and gameplay of it. Indeed old AoE vibes!

Some comments:
- Would it be possible to have walls connect between three or even four points? I extended my original wall with a protruding one (like a T-cross), but it didn't connect so it looked weird

- Would it be possible to destroy the clay pit after it has gone dry? Or is the idea that all the clay has been removed so that the spot is unusable to build on, even for other buildings?

- I'm sure you already have this in your mind, but some more settings possibility to the "Alpha Mission" would be nice, so that it's more of a skirmish play! (E.g. choose number of enemies, amount of resources on the map, etc)

- Is naval warfare part of your future plans? That would be awesome!

- It seemed to me that people inside of the walls could still get hit by archers on the other side. I mostly noticed this when I had villagers repairing the wall while I had enemies outside. Is this intentional?

Anyway, all in all, a great experience! I'm looking forward to updates to the game!

Hmm, I updated the game to 1.5, but then my Antivirus removed the pyramida.exe file, so I can't play anymore. It complained about a Trojan? It didn't do this on the earlier versions of the game.

Cool game!  Although, after finding the radio signal, and then going to the pilot, what am I supposed to do? I've being flying around to different parts of the US, but I don't know what to do!

Never mind, I just read the comment below.
"For demolishing already built buildings, u just have to have a villager selected first, then click the button and select the building u wanna destroy"

I'll try this. :)

Awesome little game! Still struggling to get past day 10, but I'm slowly getting there. :)

One thing: I couldn't manage to remove/destroy walls after I built them. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?


Thanks for the update! Yeah, it sucks but that's how it is with 1.0 releases :D Great short little game overall, reminded me of Mirror's Edge (which is one of my favorite games) so I might just replay this game again when I get the chance just to be able to get the end scene. :D

And now that I restarted the game it started over from the beginning. Now I won't know how the game ends unless I play everything from the start... :(

Okay, I'm at the end but something really annoying seemed to have happened. One of my rocks just disappeared without it hitting the boss. And there are no more rocks. What do I do??

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Also, the wand seems to glow at points that I can't find what it supposed to do, like on the middle of the big bridge for example. There's nothing nearby!

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Nice game! I like the progress of the jumping difficulty paired with the new abilities. However, I wasn't able to find all 6 collectibles, any hints?

Edit: Never mind, I found the last one!


Hi! I tried to join the Bronze Age discord channel, but it said the invite was out-of-date. Is it still possible to join the channel?

Hi Ser1ph!

Thanks for the reply!
I think I figured it out. It seems that I had overseen the fact that Taskmasters give negative happiness (-5), and I had a bunch of them.  I only managed around this by getting hold of limestone and copper so that I could upgrade the main building and get more Administration points, and thus being able to remove some Taskmasters. Quite interesting balance I must say,  I seem to have tried to overgrow my village too early, and without more advanced resources! :)

First of all, awesome game! I'm really enjoying this!

However, I'm having some trouble. My largest settlement (58 pop) is having high a unrest level, and I don't know how to lower it (i.e. raising happiness). All of the needs are fulfilled, I'm overproducing everything they need, yet the unrest level won't go down! Throwing a feast or executing agitators only reduce the unrest temporarily, so what do I need to do to permanently lower the unrest?

Any help is appreciated!


Another thing:
I tried to restart the game (from Itch), but it then asked me to re-install the game, so I did. But now I can't start the game anymore, I get this error:

And when I click OK it mentions "map/field2.tmx" and "5".

I already tried re-installing the game several times more, also trying to install it in a new folder, but nothing helps.
What should I do? :o


Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't know how to start the actual game from the in-game menu. :D
Could you help me out? 

That would be awesome! I'm keeping my hopes up! ;)

Awesome game! I'm a huge fan of Transport Tycoon, so this game really appealed to me. I understand you are doing other games, but man, I wish there were more levels for this game! You have no expansion in mind? :)


I got the same drink supplies error again. This time I took a screenshot.
As before, this error stopped me from being able to stock up drinks in any other minifridge, vending machine or storage, which caused me problems, until I deleted that minifridge, just like before. :)

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I was really excited to play the new Alpha 5 version! I really enjoyed all the new things you have added!
Let me break down the points below in Feedback and Suggestions.

- The new room system is great! Much easier than before and quite convenient!

- I really like the new music! Are you doing the music yourself?

- The speed option is really a great addition! Now I don't have to wait for hours just to get some more money to build with!

- The objectives are also a great addition! They seem to come in a quite natural order for your hotel to expand, so it felt very rewarding and helpful. I read that you wanted suggestions for more objectives, so here are some of my suggestions. :)
  • More of "build X rooms", "hire X people", "have X guests", etc.
  • Reach prestige level 2 (and 3, and so forth...)
  • Build X rooms with price over €100 (or similar)
  • Have a total of X food/drinks in storage (e.g. 500 food, which would be quite impressive)
  • Have had X guests stay for 2 nights
  • Have X lights in the hotel
  • Have X prepared meals in the restaurant (either since the start of the hotel, or just at the same time in the food bars)

- Right now I can't seem to delete rooms. Deleting areas is good if I want to remove or move a room, but perhaps also a delete room option could be convenient? (In other words, delete the room number in the list, not to delete the actual furnitures)

- It woud be nice to have the room size also affect the cost of the room. I.e. a bigger room would cost more than a regular sized room, just like suites vs standard rooms.

- It would be really cool if the employees would need to rest sometimes (it looks kinda funny when the cook is making food all day and all night, poor guy!), like in for example Theme Hospital. For example, he could work 8 hours, then relax for 4 hours, etc. Also, you would need to build a Staff Room, where your employees can relax, sit in a sofa, watch TV or whatever. That way the worker could have somewhere to be and relax when he has nothing to transport/move around, instead of standing around in the middle of the road doing nothing.

- I see that there is now two types of wooden door. Perhaps you could set that the door with the label is only for hotel rooms, and the door without any label can be used for anything. Perhaps you could also make a Staff door, which only employees can go through. That way you could also remove the Label item altogether.

- It would be cool if the guest could sit down in the sofa once in a while. Right now I can't see a point in having the sofas otherwise.

- Perhaps it would be a nice idea to have the guests pay everytime they eat at the restaurant? That seems more realistic, and also it would give you continuing flow of money during the day, so you don't always have to wait for guest to check out in the morning to get some money! The same could be applied to drinks.

- I know I already wrote this before (somewhere), but more types of rooms is always welcome. But I'm sure you already think of this in future updates. :) However, similar to the point above, more ways to earn money other than room payments would be nice. For example, something that is very common in hotels: build conference rooms that can be paid for and used during the day for a group of people. Thus, in the Rooms panel, you could have two choices, "New hotel room" and "New conference room", so they could be defined the same way with an area, and have objects inside which determine the cost to hire the room for a day. (Here size of the room should also be important, i.e. the more chairs, tables and bigger size, it should cost more!)

I think that is all for now. :)

Great game, I really enjoy playing this game, and I look forward to new releases!

If you feel that you need more help, or suggestions for updates, I would love to help out!

So here's my bug findings so far for Alpha 5:

- Detecting objects in a room doesn't work if the game is paused.

- Guests passing through doors (i.e. the doors doesn't open for guests, but they open for workers)

- I had a bug where I bought a 50-pack of drink supplies, the worker took the whole box, and then he put it into a minibar. However, the minibar only added 5 drinks, and also went over the max limit. So everytime I bought a new drink supply, he moved it to this one minibar, every time, and overstocking it. So I couldn't get any drinks to any other minibar, vending machine or drink storage. To solve this problem I had to sell that minibar, and then the worker started behaving normally again. After that I haven't been able to reproduce the bug.

Other than that, I haven't had any problems. I will continue to look for bugs and update it here!

Great work so far, I'm looking forward to the next version!

Oh, and if you need any more help, I'd love to help out. :)


I'm trying out the new release as we speak. I really enjoy the updates and I love the new music!

I will post the feedback and the bugs in their corresponding threads, so check out my comments there. :)

I found it a bit frustrating that when I bought a new pack of supplies (e.g. food), the worker started filling up the refridgerator by 5 items every time, running back and forth from the road to the kitchen, and finally, when the fridge was full, he took the rest of the box and put it in the storage position which was just beside the fridge. It would save alot of time if he instead made a priority to first move the whole box (50 food) to the storage position which is closest to the fridge, and then start filling the fridge, so he doesn't have to run such long way back and forth with only 5 food at a time. :)

Awesome with the new update!

Now it's a bit easier to earn money and to be able to expand my hotel. :)
However, I still think the income/cost ratio is a little bit off since it takes a bit of time to afford building new rooms etc. I stocked up on all the supplies and then just let the game go by itself for 50 in-game days, and still I could only build a couple of new rooms with my earnings. But maybe I'm just bad at running a hotel. ;)

Anyway, here's my feedback!


  1. Storage positions - many times the wrong items get stored on a storage position. For example, I build a storage, changed the type to Drinks, and yet the loading crew puts Cleaner items on it!
  2. Cleaner's shelf - One time I forgot to buy more cleaner's things. Yet, the cleaner continued to clean beds, so the Cleaner's shelf showed "-2 items". When I realized this I bought more items, and the loading crew filled it with 5, so now it showed "3 items".
  3. Pathfinding - Sometimes there is issues with the pathfinding. For example, guests can get stuck in mid-air (no objects in the way).
  4. Firing - I think this might be the same issue as Chubacca1000 mentioned. When I fire people, the salary I have to pay afterwards seems wrong. For example, I had 4 cooks at 20€ each, total 80€. I fired one, but still had to pay 65€. Another example, I had 2 receptionist at 25€ each, total 50€. I fired one, still had to pay 30€, and when I hired another, it was total 55€, even though each receptionist is only supposed to cost 25€ each.

Finally, regarding your hotel rooms question:

  • Hotel room costs - The current version works fine I guess (100€ cost per room), although it can be quite frustrating when you have built a perfect room with all your money, and then you have no money left to "create" the room for 100€, so you can't use it. I think it might be more intuitive to not have a cost for creating the room, instead the furniture (at least the basic ones such as bed, toilet and shower) could be a little more expensive so the total cost would still be the same.
  • Hotel room system - The current system is interesting and I kind of like it. However, when you start buildig alot of rooms and furnitures, it will get tiresome to do this every time for every room. I'm not sure if it works, but maybe you can make a system like this: When you have built an enclosed room with a wooden door, the moment you put a label on the door, it will count as a room. Then the room "automatically" checks what kind of furniture is inside and set the price thereafter. You could still use the management window to see which objects every room has, but using this system you don't have to click on every object to assign it to the room.

    Also, if the door with the label is the definer of the room, then you could also move the door if you want to rearrange the room numbers when you expand (for example, you build a new bigger hotel room later on, but you want it to have Room no.1, so you can just move the current "Room no.1" door from the old room to this new room instead and the room system will automatically make an update to the room cost.

    But maybe this is difficult to implement?
  • Prestige - I think there should be some kind of limits that is dependent on prestige, so that every time you level up you will feel like an accomplishment. If you have played SimTower you might know what my idea is (in SimTower they used Star ranking). You mentioned for example that there could be a limited number of rooms depending on the prestige level. The more prestige, the more rooms you can have. It's a good idea, but also, with higher prestige maybe you could also unlock more and better furniture (bathtub, desk, sofa, TV, better bed, etc.), and maybe new types of rooms as well (such as gym, pool, bar, leasure room, etc.). For the lowest prestige level, you should still be able to build many rooms, for example 10 or 15, so you're not stuck with a mini-hotel just because you don't have a high prestige.

    Buying plot to expand and build on could also be an option.

Anyway, I ended up playing this alpha version for several hours, I really enjoyed it!

I can't wait for the next update! And I'm happy to give more feedback and ideas if you need!

Best Regards,

Thanks for your reply!

Alright, great, I'm looking forward to the next update!

Is there a quantative way of measuring the prestige? I.e., do I need to have had a certain number of happy visitors to rank up to the next prestige level?

Best Regards,

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Nice game! I started playing today with this Alpha 4 release, and it feels fun and promising!

The tutorial was great to get me going into the game!

I noticed though that you changed the price for rooms from 350€ down to 20€. Now, maybe it's just me, but I'm having a hard time to earn some money since the cost of supplies is still the same (e.g. 250€ for 50 food) and the guests seem to use up alot of supplies. Thus, what I earn from the guests is barely enough to cover the cost of supplies and staff.

I would agree that 350€ is too much for a room, but perhaps it should be more than 20€, or the cost of supplies should be decreased. I've been playing 23 in-game days now and I'm barely surviving with my money, so I can't afford to expand my hotel, which is sad. :(

Speaking of expanding, how does the prestige increase? And how fast can it increase? I'm stuck at prestige level 1 and still only get max 2-3 guests at a time...

One last comment, and perhaps you already have this in mind for future releases, but a speed control panel would be great! As I wrote above, it's very time-consuming to earn some money when I make such little money per day, so the possibility to speed up once in a while would be awesome!

Anyway, thanks for making a cool game! I'm looking forward to more versions to try out!

Best Regards,