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Hotel Tycoon Alpha 5 Sticky

A topic by AvrGames created Jan 26, 2017 Views: 964 Replies: 7
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Welcome to the Alpha 5 update!
We got a new artist that is working on the floor textures, and has done an awesome job! We've tried to do all (or near all) the things that you wanted for the next release. The pathfinding bugs are still a nightmare for us and couldn't be fixed for this release, but, as Thomas Edison said once, we have not failed; we've just found 10,000 ways that the bug won't be fixed.


  • Completely new rooms system.
  • Paintings and roof lights now are detected on rooms.
  • Changed the building system. Now you can place objects above objects (for example, a painting above a bed, or a roof light above a table).
  • Added new furniture: a bench (outdoors), a litter bin (outdoors), a dumpster (administration -> workers) and a door with label (structure).
  • Now, guests will throw their cans (after drinking) to a bin, and the cleaners will have to empty the bins (you'll need a dumpster for the cleaners!).
  • Added three new background songs! Also, music now fade in/out when changing.
  • Changed the wood, stone, tiles floor and grass textures!
  • New floor: tiled floor.
  • Storage places now are three different objects (one per supply), and workers will prefer to fill stores with boxes on the storage places.
  • Now you can control time speed (pause, 1x, 2x or 3x, where 1x is the normal speed).
  • Created a prestige bar progress under the money.
  • Deleted management menu: open/close hotel now is an icoon placed on the up left corner. Supplies and rooms are on the up right corner, with the new workers menu.
  • Created an objectives system. The objective system has only 6 objectives, but will give some extra money to start the hotel. We'll love to hear your ideas for new objectives. The objective system would be completely different on futures updates.

Also, several bugs have been fixed and AI behaviours have been improved (a bit).

By the way, we would love to update our images of Hotel Tycoon, so if you have a pretty hotel, send us an screenshot! See you on the next update!


I'm trying out the new release as we speak. I really enjoy the updates and I love the new music!

I will post the feedback and the bugs in their corresponding threads, so check out my comments there. :)


Make achievements for the game!!! For example:Getting started, Rich, The achievements lord, First visitor, WORKERS WORKERS MORE WORKERS. Sorry for any English errors, I'm Brazilian.

Hello marcusmmm!

We've added it to the to-do list. For now we'll work on the objectives. Thank you!

Lighting is terrible way to dark. Fonts have no contrast. with this much darkness it is not fun to play. I'll wait till it's fixed.

Hello Oldeguy!

Got it, will try to fix it for the alpha 6. Thank you!

None of the objects in a room are recognised... am I doing something wrong?


Hello neoalternative!

The game must be unpaused when pressing the "detect objects" button.

Hope it works!