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Hotel Tycoon Alpha 4.1

A topic by AvrGames created Jan 09, 2017 Views: 868 Replies: 28
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So, the Alpha 4 is a bit hard (you get stuck with 2 guests, no more no less) and we decided to make a small (really small) patch to fix that and some bugs.

Here's the changelog:


- Object's costs changed: bed (from 150€ to 75€), toilet (150€ to 90€), shower (80€ to 100€).

- Food supply price changed (from 250€ to 100€).

- More guests per day.


- Worker €/hour GUI bug fixed.

- Place windows above walls bug fixed.

- Now, when moving the storage place the "select type of storage" window won't appear.

- On options, now it shows which option is selected with a purple line next to the option (it should be working on the last release, but it seemed to be bugged).

- Now, if you aren't on buildmode, you will be able to show the Guests windows when they're showering.

We'll start working on the Alpha 5, in which we would like to bring you a new Rooms system (we know the one that is now is a bit... weird). To end this small changelog, Hotel Tycoon's players, we throw you some rooms-questions: what do you think about the rooms costs? Should it be 100€, other price or just free? Should it be a maximum of rooms per prestige (having 5 of prestige = unlimited rooms)? Or should we limitate the plot (make it smaller and be able to upgrade the plot by paying) and let you have unlimited rooms (kind of Prison Architect)?

We would love to hear your answers!

I like the idea of rooms being moveable plots. Then maybe, when you click on the room/plot, you can chose what you want to add to it(bed, sink ect.) Then pehaps a room is only rentable/useable one it has a bed and bathroom, or something simular to that. I like how currently, the room price goes up with the value, the more items/fetures th higher the price. Anyway, I really like what your doing with this game, keep it up!

Thank you very much! We'll have that on mind :)

I think the room cost should be less, because when i started i barely had money to pay the room, but i dont think you should be able to have unlimited rooms, i like the idea of it depending on your prestige level. And the idea of making the plot smaller would be bad, because if you add this and when this update happens when i load our save what will happen to the things i have in the space you will reduce? by example, right now in this alpha 4 i have walls in the whole plot, if you add this when i play the alpha 5 and i load my alpha 4 save half the walls will disappear or what? and im not talking about just walls, what if the reception disappears? i think that is a bad idea, if i made any mistake or anyone didnt understand me then im sorry, i speak spanish.


Tienes razón, pero no deberíamos limitar el progreso del juego por culpa del sistema de guardado. Estamos en una alfa, estas cosas pasan y no es lo que más nos preocupa. De momento no cambiaré el tamaño de la parcela a no ser que una gran cantidad de personas piensen lo contrario. Pero, igualmente, gracias por tu opinión, lo del guardado es algo que no estamos teniendo muy en cuenta y deberíamos comenzar a preocuparnos, ya que hay gente con hoteles de una magnitud decente que podrían tener muchos problemas si hiciera lo del cambio del tamaño de la parcela, como es tu caso.

¡Muchas gracias por tu opinión!

PD: No tienes tan mal inglés, por lo menos para mí :)

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I just tried the new version and i saw that in the workers tab it says €/h and the workers charge me every day.


Whoops! We'll change it for the next alpha, thank you for reporting it!

Plus, the workers are bugged, i fired 2 of my 3 receptionists and now in the receptionists line it says -1 and -15 €/h.

You're right, we forgot to change it! Will be fixed for the next update, thank you!


acho que o gusto do quarto devia ser mais barato tipo 50 ou menos e deveria ser limitado por um prestigio para ficar mais dificil e tambem adicionar um contador felicidade dos clientes numa janelinha e falar o que eles acham bom e ruim , deveria no futuro ter mais linguas como espanhol portugues e outras , o jogo e muito legal

I think the taste of the room should be cheaper type 50 or less and should be limited by a prestige to get more difficult and also add a counter happiness customers in a little window and talk what they think good and bad, should in the future have More languages like Spanish Portuguese and others, the game is very cool

Sorry for englist, I speak portuguese

The happy counter is more or less implemented. About the languages, that's a planned feature! Thank you!

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Hi, i think you should make a suggestion post and a FAQ post, but i want to suggest to add a teleport to room button on guests, or a teleport to cleaner shelf button on cleaners, because guests and cleaners get stuck sometimes. plus guests and cleaners try to get over the walls? they just stand at the side of a wall and dont move until i remove that wall.


Yeah, that is an annoying bug that we've been watching for a while. For Alpha 5 we plan to get rid of that bug. If we can't, we will create some way to let the players fix it with a button, as you said.

About the posts, they will be created in a few minutes!


Awesome with the new update!

Now it's a bit easier to earn money and to be able to expand my hotel. :)
However, I still think the income/cost ratio is a little bit off since it takes a bit of time to afford building new rooms etc. I stocked up on all the supplies and then just let the game go by itself for 50 in-game days, and still I could only build a couple of new rooms with my earnings. But maybe I'm just bad at running a hotel. ;)

Anyway, here's my feedback!


  1. Storage positions - many times the wrong items get stored on a storage position. For example, I build a storage, changed the type to Drinks, and yet the loading crew puts Cleaner items on it!
  2. Cleaner's shelf - One time I forgot to buy more cleaner's things. Yet, the cleaner continued to clean beds, so the Cleaner's shelf showed "-2 items". When I realized this I bought more items, and the loading crew filled it with 5, so now it showed "3 items".
  3. Pathfinding - Sometimes there is issues with the pathfinding. For example, guests can get stuck in mid-air (no objects in the way).
  4. Firing - I think this might be the same issue as Chubacca1000 mentioned. When I fire people, the salary I have to pay afterwards seems wrong. For example, I had 4 cooks at 20€ each, total 80€. I fired one, but still had to pay 65€. Another example, I had 2 receptionist at 25€ each, total 50€. I fired one, still had to pay 30€, and when I hired another, it was total 55€, even though each receptionist is only supposed to cost 25€ each.

Finally, regarding your hotel rooms question:

  • Hotel room costs - The current version works fine I guess (100€ cost per room), although it can be quite frustrating when you have built a perfect room with all your money, and then you have no money left to "create" the room for 100€, so you can't use it. I think it might be more intuitive to not have a cost for creating the room, instead the furniture (at least the basic ones such as bed, toilet and shower) could be a little more expensive so the total cost would still be the same.
  • Hotel room system - The current system is interesting and I kind of like it. However, when you start buildig alot of rooms and furnitures, it will get tiresome to do this every time for every room. I'm not sure if it works, but maybe you can make a system like this: When you have built an enclosed room with a wooden door, the moment you put a label on the door, it will count as a room. Then the room "automatically" checks what kind of furniture is inside and set the price thereafter. You could still use the management window to see which objects every room has, but using this system you don't have to click on every object to assign it to the room.

    Also, if the door with the label is the definer of the room, then you could also move the door if you want to rearrange the room numbers when you expand (for example, you build a new bigger hotel room later on, but you want it to have Room no.1, so you can just move the current "Room no.1" door from the old room to this new room instead and the room system will automatically make an update to the room cost.

    But maybe this is difficult to implement?
  • Prestige - I think there should be some kind of limits that is dependent on prestige, so that every time you level up you will feel like an accomplishment. If you have played SimTower you might know what my idea is (in SimTower they used Star ranking). You mentioned for example that there could be a limited number of rooms depending on the prestige level. The more prestige, the more rooms you can have. It's a good idea, but also, with higher prestige maybe you could also unlock more and better furniture (bathtub, desk, sofa, TV, better bed, etc.), and maybe new types of rooms as well (such as gym, pool, bar, leasure room, etc.). For the lowest prestige level, you should still be able to build many rooms, for example 10 or 15, so you're not stuck with a mini-hotel just because you don't have a high prestige.

    Buying plot to expand and build on could also be an option.

Anyway, I ended up playing this alpha version for several hours, I really enjoyed it!

I can't wait for the next update! And I'm happy to give more feedback and ideas if you need!

Best Regards,

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All those 4 bugs have happened to me and i totally agree with your suggestions...

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Hi love the game but is there any chance in the next update you could add a fast forward button, thx.

We'll try :)

Thx, great game that has the potential to go far if you need any textures or art of any kind I would be glad to help. Also if you need any ideas of things to add I do have a few but still a great game keep up the work :)

Thank you! If we need something, we'll tell you!


By the way, i've noticed three bugs in my game, guests and employees are getting stuck on nothing, guests and employees are getting stuck on one another, and guests are fazing through my decorations, like the green armchairs, just walking right through them(it actualy looks pretty cool!)

make that five-ish, my empoyees are phazing through the chairs too, anf I keep having two cleaners try to go to the same supply station, even though they are all stocked and there are extras.

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when i buy a cleaner and then buy another the next day (in game time) he doesn't do anything just stays there in the road and when i click on the cleaner it says "Going To the Store" and stayed there for like 5 in game days and still didn't move, and every time i have a cleaner that actually cleans the rooms it always missed a room and goes back to the cleaner supplies and say when i click on him it says "Ready To Work". But other than that it is a really good game.

Every time a possible customer walks in, they leave. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong (I followed the tutorial) or if this is something that might need a little fixing.

Do they go to the reception?

yes, but i already fixed the problem. I had to detect objects while the game was not paused, or it would detect anything. thank you though.


Oh, right. That would be fixed for the next version!

My game will not start. Everytime I try to start it, it does not respond and never loads.

This game isn't optimized yet (in fact, for Alpha 6 we're working on it), so in some computers won't launch. If your computer is good enough to run the game, check the last update (alpha 5) and if it doesn't start send us an emai to and we'll try to help you.

Thank you!

- Avr Games