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The armory isn't currently accessible... but it will be very soon!

If you find how to send screenshots please tell me :P

Are you sure you have food in your fridges? if the cookers dont have anything to cook they just stand there doing nothing.

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So, i have been getting this little problem that when guests finish eating they move from the table but instead of taking the dishes they just leave it there and other guests cant sit in there, one time all the tables got full of dishes and no guest could sit to eat, wich maked them leave and i lost a lot of money, that time i got so mad that i bought a lot of tables so that never happens again, but it keeps happening, i dont mean that all of them get full of dishes, but some of them do.

The prestige number (shown on the up-left corner) is a number from 1-5. Every decorative object gives you 0.00x of prestige, every guest the same. For example, a hotel certificate gives you 0.02 of prestige, what means that with 50 hotel certificates you will have 2 of prestige (or "stars").

That means that you don't need, for now, any minimum things (days played, guests...), you'll get prestige by the both ways (if, let's say, 100 happy guests, it would increase on 1 the prestige level, or 50 guests and 25 hotel certifcates).

But you can loose prestige too (guests leaving before they should and selling the decoratives objects).

To get prestige you need guests leaving happy (by "happy" I mean that leaving at the time they should: even if they are angry, if they pay the full room price it will increase a bit the prestige) or to build decorative objects (everything that hasn't got an utility are decorative objects, for example: paperbin and bin, lights, pictures, sofas... The "Hotel Certificate" object is the expensive but is the object that more prestige adds).

That is how AvrGames explained it in Hotel Tycoon Alpha 4 post.

Nevermind, i just bought a lot of minifridges, the workers moved the drinks there and i was able to buy some food.

Hotel Tycoon community » General · Created a new topic Max. rooms
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In the managament window and in the rooms tab i cant scroll, so i guess 20 rooms is the max rooms you can have rigth now? I would really love to have some more rooms.

Pero no funcionan! el trabajador no mueve las cajas.

Trate pero no puedo escribir esto en ingles y que se me entienda...

Un boton *una opcion* para borrar las cajas de supplies, porque tengo el espacio ese de 2x2 lleno de cajas de bebidas y no puedo ordenar comida, y no tengo nada de comida en el refrigerador, y los clientes se enojan y no puedo hacer nada para que se queden y se van y no de dan nada de dinero y los workers no mueven las cajas de bebidas a las demas storage places no se porque y ahora no puedo hacer nada hasta que pongan la opcion de borrar los supplies para que pueda tener comida y no se que hacer y me estoy desesperando y escribo cualquier cosa aiudaaaa.

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All those 4 bugs have happened to me and i totally agree with your suggestions...

The same thing happens to me all the time. but i just ignore it, i dont know if it is a serious problem in your case...

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I decided to see a Cleaner's Shelf to see how many Cleaner's Things i had in that Cleaner's Shelf and it says:

Remaining cleaner's things: -58/10

WHAT THE DAMN HELL? *and made a face like the one on my photo profile*

Hotel Tycoon community » Bugs reports · Created a new topic Doors
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I have noticed that doors only open when workers pass, but when guests pass they just run into doors like they were ghosts.

You should make a bug report post.

Add more things that cleaners need to clean, not just beds, maybe the tables when the guests stop eating, they leave the dishes there and the cleaners need to clean them, maybe toilets, that toilets get dirty or stuck and cleaners need to fix them.

Add public restrooms than any guest can use, if there would be public restrooms i would place them on the restaurant, and also add benches in outdoor decoration, so i can build a kind of park in my hotel, that would be cool.

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Hi, i think you should make a suggestion post and a FAQ post, but i want to suggest to add a teleport to room button on guests, or a teleport to cleaner shelf button on cleaners, because guests and cleaners get stuck sometimes. plus guests and cleaners try to get over the walls? they just stand at the side of a wall and dont move until i remove that wall.

Plus, the workers are bugged, i fired 2 of my 3 receptionists and now in the receptionists line it says -1 and -15 €/h.

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I just tried the new version and i saw that in the workers tab it says €/h and the workers charge me every day.

I think the room cost should be less, because when i started i barely had money to pay the room, but i dont think you should be able to have unlimited rooms, i like the idea of it depending on your prestige level. And the idea of making the plot smaller would be bad, because if you add this and when this update happens when i load our save what will happen to the things i have in the space you will reduce? by example, right now in this alpha 4 i have walls in the whole plot, if you add this when i play the alpha 5 and i load my alpha 4 save half the walls will disappear or what? and im not talking about just walls, what if the reception disappears? i think that is a bad idea, if i made any mistake or anyone didnt understand me then im sorry, i speak spanish.

Yes, it said Room Available, but then i realized that i have a saved game from the alpha 3, and the game works like it should work, i dont know what the problem was but now im playing perfectly in my other save, i hope that doesnt happens to anyone and thanks for your help, although i didnt fixed the problem. Sorry if i made any mistake, i speak spanish and i learned english but i dont know it perfectly, thanks again, and bye bye.

I have added the furniture and have a vending machine, with drinks and a sofa.

I guess its my PC?

Please help me! I do everything the tutorial says, reception, 4 rooms all of them with 1 bed, 1 toilet and 1 shower, 4 tables for 1 person, 1 kitchen, 1 refrigerator with food, and 1 of each workers, guests come, and they say Guest is very happy, Guest will give $##, Guest is going to, Will stay # nights.

But while time passes, Guest is very happy becomes Guest is very angry and they leave giving me 0 money! please someone help me, if im doing somethign wrong or the game is mad at me, i have tryed a lot of times starting over and over, i have played about 5 hourse trying and trying, i have uninstalled and reinstalled the game lots of times, i dont know what to do!!!