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Cook problem :/

A topic by mikicryu created Jan 12, 2017 Views: 179 Replies: 6
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I got another worker problem again and this was repeating so many times to me! I'm using two cooks and sometimes one of them just get stuck there doing nothing. There was also few weird things that I noticed. In that one certain cook it says that it's level 0 and there's nothing work related written in it. (for an example there didn't read "cooking" or even "has food". I tried the same ritual again: fire the stuck up one and replace with another but the same continues! I also have now a screenshot of that problem if that helps....(I just don't know how to send it via this topic...)

Are you sure you have food in your fridges? if the cookers dont have anything to cook they just stand there doing nothing.

Yup I still have food because the other working cook was doing its job normally

If you find how to send screenshots please tell me :P

Hello! Please, upload the screenshot to https://gyazo.com/ or a similar web, and we'll try to find what happens.

uuhhh I don't know how these websites works and tried to download that but my computer prevented it.... Can I send it by email or something????

Of course! Send us an email at AvrGames@outlook.com