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Every time I try to download it, it says "the target machine is activly refusing"

make that five-ish, my empoyees are phazing through the chairs too, anf I keep having two cleaners try to go to the same supply station, even though they are all stocked and there are extras.

By the way, i've noticed three bugs in my game, guests and employees are getting stuck on nothing, guests and employees are getting stuck on one another, and guests are fazing through my decorations, like the green armchairs, just walking right through them(it actualy looks pretty cool!)

I like the idea of rooms being moveable plots. Then maybe, when you click on the room/plot, you can chose what you want to add to it(bed, sink ect.) Then pehaps a room is only rentable/useable one it has a bed and bathroom, or something simular to that. I like how currently, the room price goes up with the value, the more items/fetures th higher the price. Anyway, I really like what your doing with this game, keep it up!