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i know a ps4 controller works but i don't know about a ps3 controller

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You can use the ammo stealer on the robot so he can't shoot you and then it just follows you and doesn't hurt you so you can do missions without constantly trying to dodge a rocket

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can you add more classes and items? and i think it would be cool if you had a slave helmet then you could put it on people that are sleeping and they become an ally until you let them go (i don't know if this is already in-game or not)

no its doesn't, its a game for computers :P

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when i pressed download and i looked to see how long it takes it needed 2,998 days and 12 hours to download I'm not downloading this crap

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Please add a save because i don't want to play a game that doesn't save but it looks awesome from the pics :P

no game?

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when i buy a cleaner and then buy another the next day (in game time) he doesn't do anything just stays there in the road and when i click on the cleaner it says "Going To the Store" and stayed there for like 5 in game days and still didn't move, and every time i have a cleaner that actually cleans the rooms it always missed a room and goes back to the cleaner supplies and say when i click on him it says "Ready To Work". But other than that it is a really good game.

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I used the Ammo Stealer on The Killer Robot's rocket launcher so it couldn't shoot me and used the fire grates to ware down the robot health and then wacked it to death with an axe.

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On industrial floor 3 I got the killer robot as the random disaster, killed it and finished the all the missions but then when I pressed E on the elevator and then I exploded (died) is it a bug? or is it the end of the game? :/