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Nice game! I started playing today with this Alpha 4 release, and it feels fun and promising!

The tutorial was great to get me going into the game!

I noticed though that you changed the price for rooms from 350€ down to 20€. Now, maybe it's just me, but I'm having a hard time to earn some money since the cost of supplies is still the same (e.g. 250€ for 50 food) and the guests seem to use up alot of supplies. Thus, what I earn from the guests is barely enough to cover the cost of supplies and staff.

I would agree that 350€ is too much for a room, but perhaps it should be more than 20€, or the cost of supplies should be decreased. I've been playing 23 in-game days now and I'm barely surviving with my money, so I can't afford to expand my hotel, which is sad. :(

Speaking of expanding, how does the prestige increase? And how fast can it increase? I'm stuck at prestige level 1 and still only get max 2-3 guests at a time...

One last comment, and perhaps you already have this in mind for future releases, but a speed control panel would be great! As I wrote above, it's very time-consuming to earn some money when I make such little money per day, so the possibility to speed up once in a while would be awesome!

Anyway, thanks for making a cool game! I'm looking forward to more versions to try out!

Best Regards,


Thank you for your comment! We really appreciate that kind of comments.

In a couple of days or so we will release the Alpha 4.1 with some bug fixes and lowering the supplies cost and room furniture (the needed: toilet, shower and bed). After the Alpha 4 release we realised that it was complicated to expand the hotel, and that is boring!

To get prestige you need guests leaving happy (by "happy" I mean that leaving at the time they should: even if they are angry, if they pay the full room price it will increase a bit the prestige) or to build decorative objects (everything that hasn't got an utility are decorative objects, for example: paperbin and bin, lights, pictures, sofas... The "Hotel Certificate" object is the expensive but is the object that more prestige adds).

About the speed control panel, yes, that's a planned feature! But thank you for the idea!

Anything more, just tell us!

- Avr Games