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Hotel Tycoon Alpha 4

A topic by AvrGames created Jan 08, 2017 Views: 447 Replies: 4
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Hello everybody!

So, the 4th of January I woke up with great news: we had the first two gameplays on youtube about Hotel Tycoon. That's great! Soo great! We saw the both gameplays and we realised that the game needs more explanations. You can do more things than you think! So, we decided to make a little tutorial and make everything more understandable.

Also, we got two new teammates: WNDIGO (music composer) and eFlex (sound designer) and a bunch of testers to show you the best!


  • Tutorial. It will be open when creating a new game, but if you want to open the tutorial on a loaded game, press T. It explains everything you need to know to start the hotel.
  • New furniture: vending machine (works like the mini fridge, but can be used by all guests and holds up to 24 drinks), window (Structure -> Walls), hotel certificate (decorative and expensive, adds 0.02 to the hotel prestige), bin (Furniture -> Kitchen), picture (Furniture -> Decoration), sofa (Furniture -> Administration -> Common room), table for two (like the other table, but holds up to 2 guests). The vending machine replaces the mini fridges in case the guest doesn't have one in his room, but now mini fridges will add 10€ to the room base price.
  • Added time system. 10 real seconds = 1 game's hour. Every 24 game's hour = 1 game's day. Also, added a gray background and a light that simulates the day light.
  • Added day/night cycle. From 20:00 to 06:00 will be considered night. At that time, lights will be turned on and guests won't spawn.
  • Added tooltips for the things on build mode. Now, everything is explained (just move the cursor above the items). Also, a green mark will appear around the object selected.
  • The windows of the objects (like mini fridge, freezer, supplies…) now appears when the mouse is over, and are prettier.
  • Added storage type for storage places: click on the "Storage type: food/drink/CleanerThings" button to change it. Food is the default storage type.
  • Now, for every cleaner you will need one cleaner's shelf.
  • Cleaner's shelfs now holds up to 10 cleaner's things.
  • Changed the base price room from 350€ to 20€, but now the guests will pay that price for every night they have been in the hotel.
  • Changed Administration's categories: changed "cleanning" for "workers" and "lobby" for "common room". Inside workers: reception, cleaner's shelf, storage place. Inside common room: vending machine, sofa.
  • Changed door and glass door category, now they're on the "Structure -> Walls" tab, with the wall and the new window.
  • The guests have become clever. Now, they have a pre-made schedule, so all guests will be sleeping during night / eating in morning, mid day and night (ones will go later, others earlier). The only random events are showering, going to the toilet and buying drinks. We need more guests interactions! Also, the guests' spawn system has been changed. The first days there will spawn less guests (2-3) per day. To get more guests, you have to get more prestige (building or having happy guests)!
  • All workers will be paid at 00:00 every day. Changed base workers payment. Also, cooks now cook faster.
  • Toilet's object has been reworked a bit. No more toilet-vase!
  • Now the doors open and close.
  • The guests' counter now only shows the in-hotel guests.
  • New options menu.
  • Now you'll start with 10000€.
  • Added music and a lot of sounds!

Bug fixes:

  • Cleaners cleaning the same bed.
  • Workers without work staying in the last place they brought things to.
  • When loading a game, guests wouldn't appear.
  • Fixed visual bugs related to the reception and the shower.
  • Infinite supplies boxes when loading a game.
  • A bunch of bugs related to the guests.

See you in the next update!

By the way, if you want to see the gameplays:

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Nice game! I started playing today with this Alpha 4 release, and it feels fun and promising!

The tutorial was great to get me going into the game!

I noticed though that you changed the price for rooms from 350€ down to 20€. Now, maybe it's just me, but I'm having a hard time to earn some money since the cost of supplies is still the same (e.g. 250€ for 50 food) and the guests seem to use up alot of supplies. Thus, what I earn from the guests is barely enough to cover the cost of supplies and staff.

I would agree that 350€ is too much for a room, but perhaps it should be more than 20€, or the cost of supplies should be decreased. I've been playing 23 in-game days now and I'm barely surviving with my money, so I can't afford to expand my hotel, which is sad. :(

Speaking of expanding, how does the prestige increase? And how fast can it increase? I'm stuck at prestige level 1 and still only get max 2-3 guests at a time...

One last comment, and perhaps you already have this in mind for future releases, but a speed control panel would be great! As I wrote above, it's very time-consuming to earn some money when I make such little money per day, so the possibility to speed up once in a while would be awesome!

Anyway, thanks for making a cool game! I'm looking forward to more versions to try out!

Best Regards,


Thank you for your comment! We really appreciate that kind of comments.

In a couple of days or so we will release the Alpha 4.1 with some bug fixes and lowering the supplies cost and room furniture (the needed: toilet, shower and bed). After the Alpha 4 release we realised that it was complicated to expand the hotel, and that is boring!

To get prestige you need guests leaving happy (by "happy" I mean that leaving at the time they should: even if they are angry, if they pay the full room price it will increase a bit the prestige) or to build decorative objects (everything that hasn't got an utility are decorative objects, for example: paperbin and bin, lights, pictures, sofas... The "Hotel Certificate" object is the expensive but is the object that more prestige adds).

About the speed control panel, yes, that's a planned feature! But thank you for the idea!

Anything more, just tell us!

- Avr Games

Thanks for your reply!

Alright, great, I'm looking forward to the next update!

Is there a quantative way of measuring the prestige? I.e., do I need to have had a certain number of happy visitors to rank up to the next prestige level?

Best Regards,

The prestige number (shown on the up-left corner) is a number from 1-5. Every decorative object gives you 0.00x of prestige, every guest the same. For example, a hotel certificate gives you 0.02 of prestige, what means that with 50 hotel certificates you will have 2 of prestige (or "stars").

That means that you don't need, for now, any minimum things (days played, guests...), you'll get prestige by the both ways (if, let's say, 100 happy guests, it would increase on 1 the prestige level, or 50 guests and 25 hotel certifcates).

But you can loose prestige too (guests leaving before they should and selling the decoratives objects).

That's how the prestige system works. Hope you have understood everything, if not, let us know!

- Avr Games

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