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A member registered Jun 21, 2017

Recent community posts

The menu is too big! Please AVRGames, fix this in a patch! The menu is just so big, it blocks a lot of the screen. And the (What item this is pop-up) Takes up even more room! Just make it smaller, or remove it. It just kinda feels weird to have to shift your camera to the left to build on the right.

Please, Please fix this... ;C...

Thanks! ;D

Yes, the rack is full of sheets... omg.. well, I think I solved my problem! lol

Can you make it so that a guests happiness isnt all based on food? Because if your cooks cant keep up, and theres no food in the food stall thingy, your guests just freak out!  This has happened to me multiple times, and usually I lose tons of money because my workers are taking it, and I cant make enough because my guests are angry!

This bug is just annoying. If your like me and your placing doors to your rooms, and all of a sudden, a door wont place! And you check that there is nothing in its way. Dont worry! just place a door somewhere where it lets you place a door, and just move it to the original spot you wanted to place it in! But wait! Sometimes THAT doesn't work! So your forced to relocate where your door is to the room you were trying to build! I need this to be fixed! Please!

This has already happened to me 3 times in my Hotel. The Cleaners will just sit in the sofas and say that they are done cleaning, but in reality all the beds are dirty. The only way to fix this as far as I know, is to delete and replace all the beds in your hotel, and then delete and replace all the cleaners work objects, like the clothes rack and washing machine. Please fix this! Its super annoying. 

Thanks! ;D

I have been playing Hotel Tyycoon since Alpha 3, (and only just figured out how to comment on you game site! ;D) and I have really seen Hotel Tycoon get better and better! The 1 Thing in think you should definitely add in Alpha 7 in a loan system! Because usually I find myself spending too much money in the beginning of the game, and then I would have to restart the game too get my money back. If there was a loan system, where you could open a GUI and have different loan amounts, like 1000$, 2000$, 5000$, 10000$, ect. And the game would automatically take that money back that it gave you as a loan in 10 - 30 days depending on the size of the loan. I would love to see this in Alpha 7!

-Btw, I did some episodes on your game on my youtube channel! (Im just saying, not trying to sponsor my youtube channel).