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I loved spacebase DF9 and when doublefine made the game worse with each patch until they just gave up and dropped it I was pretty gutted. I now avoid any doublefine games. It's great to see someone doing a similar title, someone not tied to the same greed line that doublefine are.

This game has some great potential and if done right will get a great following quite quickly. However as it stands its pretty buggy. You might need to work on a few things before the demo chases away potential backers. I tried to play twice, firstly no 1080p resolution option is odd but ticking fullscreen works. I would look at adding a 1080p and borderless window. So first playthrough was fine until my meeple started going back and forth between 2 grid spaces continuously. I restarted and after a while I had all 3 meeple standing by the fishtank punching the air and doing nothing. 

One of the reasons spacebase died was due to bad pathing that couldn't be fixed. You might want to look into that pretty early.

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It was more an fyi than a flame. With all the clickbait everywhere online atm, you know how it is. I'm sure there are just as many people that are interested in that cheat system as there are wondering why you didn't just state to begin with.

The bonus is now you will get 100% visitors interested in your videos. Instead of a 50/50 and possible lightsaber XD.

You could just say. This game works with a cheat engine.

To be honest most games probably work with that cheat engine. But leaving out the details on how you speed up time kind of feels more like clickbait for views.

Its just using a cheat engine. This almost feels more like clickbait than anything helpful.

I notice that a cook can add food to either side of the bar but guests will only take food from the side without plates. Should this be the other way? Also an indicator when placing the bar as to which side teh plates will be on would be good too.

seems they all do this. for example, a guest is going to the shower, they will face the shower the whole time so they do weird crab walking/drifting.

As title says.

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Heres the list of what my initial thoughts after playing for a bit. Have a look through and see if you feel they are right for your game:

-make the room creation a select box. You click create room, click 1, draw a box which highlights the squares (and anything on them like walls/furniture). When you add furniture into this now flagged region it is automatically added to the room contents. You could also add modifier keys like ALT+LMB to add to the room and CTRL+LMB to remove, that way you could make rooms of odd shapes if you wished. (After some thought this idea reminds me of prison architect a bit).

-In the options add a "pawn reset" option which would reset all pathing and teleport all pawns to the starting spawn area. Ultimate bug fixer right there. (I noticed a few times workers or cleaners getting stuck on walls or trying to path through them. I even had cleaners stuck on spawn.

-4, 6, 8 seater tables.
-Larger build area (starting build area needs to be reduced in size and unlocked as you increase prestige).
-Clone room tool so you can copy/paste whole rooms.

-Add icons to the food/cleaner/drinks storage zones and boxes so you can easily see what needs ordered and which squares are assigned to what.

-Mouse over tooltip for the resturant bar to see X/6 meals available.

-Change staff wages to /day rather than /h (I'm guessing /h is per hour but is actually charged at per day). A summary of your staff costs added somewhere around your cash total (Maybe in red brackets after your total).

-A progress bar under your cash to check on your progress towards your prestige level

-A notification area (top right of screen maybe). for things like "A guest is unhappy due to (REASON)", "A guest left due to (REASON)", "You are low on drinks, X minifridges need restocked", "You are low on cleaning products, X cleaners shelves need restocked", You are low of food, X fridges need restocked"

-Guests requiring specific needs (this may already be in the game, idk)

-Couples requiring double beds (add double beds). Groups requiring rooms with 2 or 3 single beds.

-Change the music hard-cut when you change between manage and build modes (make it fade out/in).

-Tables require cleaning, some guests use a nearby bin so tables require less cleaning. Bins require emptying. Cleanliness has an impact on guest happiness.

-Shower, sink and toilet requiring cleaning after a few uses. Maybe somewhere between 3-10?

-Additional decorative items like more flooring, wallpaper, curtains, table options (tablecloths or table designs), themed items under different pages in decorations (I see you already have a few) Xmas/Halloween/Valentines/Easter/etc...

-Guest overview (like staff one) by clicking guest number icon. Show the same as mouse over but for all guests in tableform.

-Mouse control camera

-Staff only doors

-Price beside supplies order button so you know what each one costs (since they have different prices).

-Pause, Play and X2 Speed buttons.

-Reword "cleaner's things" to "cleaning" in supplies order menu, "cleaning supplies box" when mousing over box and "cleaning supplies" when mousing over cleaners shelf. If all of these places reference the item itself just rename it to "cleaning supplies"

-Maybe add the ability to build additional floors and add stairs/elevators. Add a + and - on the side with the floor number and add teh ability to click notifications (see above) and "zoom to" the problem. (I added this last as its probably somethign to add MUCH later, once everythign else is implemented, maybe add this as an unlock?)

Anyway, just a few thoughts and suggestions (some already mentioned in previous posts by others). Great start though.

Ahh cool, so random fire can just happen?

I think "random plants" should be random. only custom plants should be able to be tweaked.

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Great idea. I love finding these kind of games although many get abandoned or fall short of what they could have achieved. I like teh direction you are heading. Just thought I'd chuck in my 2 cents worth an see what you think.

-Upgradeable research range is a great biomass sink, why not add that ability to the collector?

-Maybe some text undernearth the genetics to help people understand what they have unlocked? This may sound like a dumb example but:
Increasing this value increases height of the plant.
This would really help for some of the later vaguely worded unlocks. (Seed Drag is back to front, increasing the number decreases the drag).

-Exitting the game and reloading doesn't seem to keep your genetic slider settings.

Keep up the amazing work, I'm a burst player so I am very infrequent with games but I'll be coming back to this one again.
Oh as an after thought.. sometimes my plants get a funny looking ?fire effect? on them, what is it?