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How to assign rooms

A topic by wazcool created Dec 30, 2016 Views: 328 Replies: 5
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Great little game so far but I cant seem to be able to assign the rooms. I tried building them with walls and assigning. I tried using the management menu. Cant seem to get it :)

Open management menu, then click rooms and add room.. then click on furniture and click on the bed and other furniture in the actual room, dont forget the clicking on the label as well.

As jrc86 said, once you have a room on the management menu (rooms), open the room (click on the number) and then on furniture. It will open a list with all the objects that a room can have/has. Then, just click on every object you want to add while the furniture window is open.

awesome, thanks :)

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I'm confused about how this is supposed to work, and now I have two questions:

first, when trying to "clone" a room, I'm not sure how cloning does anything since it gives me a duplicate of the room I've selected but I cannot place it in either an open area, a similar sized area that has walls around it, or really in a duplicate walled room as the previouwds layout.

secondly, I understand when you 'assign' a room/area, you click the insides of a room to be considered, and once you have made it according to the layout it assigns the room but it sounds like I'm missing what you guys are talking about as far as the "clicking on the furniture" etc. and adding it.

I'm sure its right in front of me but I cant figure this out!! DX


The clone-room system needs a lot of polish. We'll be improving it for the next updates.

About this post, this question was done for the old room objects assigments, which used a different system (there weren't room areas).