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Hello! The save files are (if you're using Windows) on  C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\Avr Games\Hotel Tycoon

Just delete the .txt files with the names of the hotels you want to delete!

hey AvrGames can u fix some bugs and make an update please and except going to the save files in the menu could u at least add a delete this hotel please like most games.

We're already working on Alpha 8! And, we'll see if we can do a "delete this hotel" button. :)

thanks just tell me when u are gonna make alpha 8 ok

when are u going to make alpha 8 its been a long time can u at least tell me what date are u gonna release it


I'm sorry. I've been really busy and haven't had enough time to finish alpha 8. But we haven't stopped working on it. Alpha 8 is almost done. Once we have finished the save system (we've changed how AI works, and that means that we've to re-do AI saving) we'll publish Alpha 8. But I'm sorry I can't tell you a date. As soon as Alpha 8 is done, it will be released.

Thank you for your interest!