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Creating 3D models within Autodesk Maya 2017

A topic by Fiskehoved created Jun 10, 2017 Views: 368 Replies: 7
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Hey, my name is Mathias.

I'm a 3D model creator who's been making 3D models for half a year now.

I'm really confident in the quality of what i can make using Autodesk's Software 'Maya 2017'

I've been using this program as a hobby and i'm really enjoying using it.

This program has been used in many big games and movies like Overwatch, The Witcher, Tomb Raider, Halo, Sly Cooper, Enders Game, Game of Thrones, Finding Nemo and the list goes on.

I would require no payment what so ever.

Contact me at 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


I don't make 3D games, but I do make 3D art myself. Why not post some samples of your work? I'd like to see them, and potential collaborators doubly so.

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Oh wow, that's really stupid of me.

I really didn't think that through :/

But i have these 2 items i made:

Sorry, they're in a weird order.

I have worked on alot more other stuff like houses, artwork of other planets or worlds but, i've never come to really finish alot of the things.

I am definitly capable of creating alot of different things if i put my mind to it and that's one excuse to why i dont have any other models to show :P

Do you have a Discord? Interest in horror games? About payment? Please reply as soon as you can !

Yes, i do use Discord and sorry for not responding in time.

You can link me a server and we can further talk about your project. 


We've sent you an email!

Hej, do you make textures and UV mapping too, or meshes only?

I can do both really well.