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Such a fun game for 2 days jam you did very well I love the lighting and the keys are always a good choice


enjoyed it full marks from me checkout my playthrough here 

great hame load of fun cat-architect is a good play lot of funny parts I like it alot thanks for the game 

enjoyed it

awesome game thanks for that 5 stars here is my playthrough  wish there where more level 

heres my playthrough I enjoyed it watch here 

good game I enjoyed thanks here is my playthrough 

great game kuhaku very fun had alot of laughs with it

you made an excellent game blake its alot of fun thanks here is my playthrough

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really terrifying I failed so bad have to watch a few playthroughs cause I messed up so bad

here is my playthrough good game super fun the load times into it are understandable its very high detail for unity enjoyed it alot can you tlit the head from side to side as it attackes you in the death sequence and maybe put some red bloody bite marks on the screen as ayuwoki opens its mouth?

wow brilliant thanks really enjoyed it here is my blind playthrough

Really awesome enjoyed this hope you finish is thanks so much here is my playthrough 

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great game enjoyed it here is my play through

cant wait to play it good work

thank you glad you like it :)

wow nice sure will

Such an awesome game here is my playthrough 5 stars 

lol awesome thanks man

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liked this game well done super fun here is my playthrough

super fun and funny liked it alot thanks here is my playthrough thanks

I liked this alot reminded me of kingdom new lands in style except completely original story very fun liked and top marks here is my playthrough

lol loved this really funny idea here is my playthrough

here is my playthrough of this I liked it thanks

interesting game here is my playthrough

really enjoyed that the scares the story very well times here is my playthrough 

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here is my streamed playthrough of it I loved it well packaged and executed sorry to hear you missed your deadline 

that was awesome here is my playthrough

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lol that was fun I tryed 911 but it wouldnt work for me good game thanks here is my playthrough 

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awesome dont worry about finishing it im uploading a new updated beta with check point thanks for trying and all the suggestions ull be in the credits :)

excellent playthrough and you have a place in the credits for helping me with it im in the process of exporting a second beta with checkpoints and a few upgrades will add your suggestions too thanks again please support pocketpat without grt content creators indie dev would be so much tougher to do

totally awesome playthrough and a mountain of good comments in the playthrough thanks a million please check out letsplaywithperry on twitch and youtube, message him on twitter let him know what you thought of his playthrough and if you have made a game ud like him to try

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awesome playthrough trickster512 flawless victory, thanks for supporting a small dev, ill keep working on it, do subb to trickster on YT and follow on twitch, thanks again.

cool scares and fun gameplay it got my skin crawling here is my playthrough 

Super fun game I love the lighting and the monsters well design here is my playthrough 

this is awesome well done really scary good jump scares super fun here is my playthrough