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awesome dont worry about finishing it im uploading a new updated beta with check point thanks for trying and all the suggestions ull be in the credits :)

excellent playthrough and you have a place in the credits for helping me with it im in the process of exporting a second beta with checkpoints and a few upgrades will add your suggestions too thanks again please support pocketpat without grt content creators indie dev would be so much tougher to do

totally awesome playthrough and a mountain of good comments in the playthrough thanks a million please check out letsplaywithperry on twitch and youtube, message him on twitter let him know what you thought of his playthrough and if you have made a game ud like him to try

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awesome playthrough trickster512 flawless victory, thanks for supporting a small dev, ill keep working on it, do subb to trickster on YT and follow on twitch, thanks again.

cool scares and fun gameplay it got my skin crawling here is my playthrough 

Super fun game I love the lighting and the monsters well design here is my playthrough 

this is awesome well done really scary good jump scares super fun here is my playthrough  

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really like this teaser thanks checkout my playthrough here looking forward to more of immersive environment and scary monster 

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creepy funny and enjoyed checkout my playthrough here 

hello you won the game jam where would you like me to send the copy of doom 3

loved your game reminds me of the best of games ive played and so much more here is my playthrough 

oh no my blocky minecraft guts lol I love this game well done such fun here is my playthrough 

deep game sad but really well made I love it looking forward to more ,here is my playthrough 

yeah use anything you what if its just lifted directly from a game try and change a little just for a fresh look at it

thanks so much you have a real talent at making games and I really enjoyed that game looking forward to seeing the finish game

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lol nice music good game enjoyed here is my playthrough 

great you keep adding to the features offered

good luck you are very welcome to the jam

interesting :)

good on you glad you had fun with it

thanks so much for trying it

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really liked this so fun, top marksreally liked this horror game

haha sweet lets play man hope you ll play the squeal too 

Ill do a lets play of this looks fun like the style

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excellent I really love this game beautiful environment and mystery so worth the play top marks 5 stars!! 

I had fun with this you made the jokes and writing really funny thanks here is my playthrough and 5 star rating :) 

Really liked this game beautiful drawings and fun puzzles nice work more please :) here is my playthrough 

wooo YEAH ! liked this shoot everything retro style gg top rating here is my play through 

really enjoyed this game great art and lovely characters well done here is my playthrough 

Sure but its just a rough first drawing to break back into it

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really like the graphic nice project here is some concept art I started its just a rough live stream of a monster idea will change and evolve as it goes

I did love it well done :)

I did gave you a 5 rating alot of work in this well done can you slow the intro text of have space key to continue?

Here is my playthrough 

beautiful art really like your style here is my playthrough 

thanks :)

if you feel like starting now please do its fine

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really liked all the game mechanics really cool here is my playthrough 

thank you too I liked it, I sure stick around for the final release good luck :)

gg one had lots of fun with this could one could play more hope thee makes more levels here if is my playthrough