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had fun couldnt finish thanks for the game very funny here is my playthrough 

Very interesting nice pictures here is my playthrough 


Replied to Hiyek in Perso intro.

yeah you can create assets right now, im keeping the rules low, just so long as its new, space themed and playable the entry date is just to give people a chance to get one done from the start of the date to finish 

the entries close at the end and voting is the week after 

good luck

great animations and characters really like this game idea, here is my playthrough 

looking forward to seeing your entry good luck

Replied to Hiyek in Perso intro.

yeah im taking part but the prize will go to whoever else has the top score

here is my playthrough great fun thanks 

heres my playthrough 

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your game fits the bill by my standards good luck 

Posted in Perso intro.

looking forward to your games :) good luck

Created a new topic Great game so scary

love the mechanics in this game

cool really like it you got just the right pacing for the dialog and the grammar & artwork is perfect great stuff, great lead in to the horror, here is my playthrough 

your sense of humor is right up my street :D

loved your game really funny and great artwork 

loved your game very funny thanks here is my playthrough 

cool game really liked it

cool game really liked it

really liked your game here is my playthrough 

great game so much work well done here is my lets play of it 

well done this game is fine for the jam you just added it too any scares qualify it, good luck

Posted in Oh, noes..

thanks :D

finally finished it might update the ending but this has an ending thanks for looking

Very very funny loads of work in this here is my play through top marks 

Liked this top stuff its def not easy here is my playthrough, thanks

very clever a castle ruin on another planet, great game very nice idea, here is my play through 

very good cryptic and interesting here is my playthrough

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I had fun with this great story here is my playthrough 

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sorry didnt put still in development, Im still making it, ive the models and giff made just need to put together the path through it, should have a beta this evening or tomorrow looking to get it finished end of next week

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hey ill make something :)

happy to, great game

awh seriously damn it haha great work :)

short sad game, really great grammar, nice drawings and very immersive, well done here is my playthrough  

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you stated clearly that it was a key its difficult to write w with pixels too Ive seen few games drop in a back grounds too screaming crowds or mountains its a great idea though Ive never thought about the adws keys like that and I thought I knew them well :)

great fun really addictive and a real challenge here is my playthrough 


brilliant game really fun I curse so much here is my playthrough 

when its this good, its worth the time ty

love this game you are doing a great job thanks here is my playthrough