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Yep! Go for it! This challenge is not about finding an idea or proving that you made it all by yourself during the duration of it, it's to refine your scoping, planning and execution skills while preventing the crunch that often happen if those things are badly managed. So yeah prepare yourself, think about what you'll work on, when and how, it's totally okay. I even think that for this one it's better to start with a clear idea/concept of what you'll work on or even a started project than to start with nothing.

Glad to see people join with projects in mind already, hope you'll find team members!

The challenge will start the first of November. From that day and for a month you'll have to select a schedule to work on your project and stick to it. Until then you could think about how you would want to plan your work and what kind of project you would like to work on. You can start the challenge with your project already started, the goal is to sharpen your scoping, planing, management and execution skills so that you wont have to crunch but be able to release your project in time based on your previsions. I feel like there's no reason to prevent people from working on already existing projects.

It seems to be from Latin "lībĕr", so it's used in a lot of languages that derive from Latin. I'm French and in French it's also libre.

Hi! Yes, you can choose any platform or tool to make your game as long as you have the rights to do so. It's encouraged to use free/libre and open source tools for reasons explained on the front page. Also, it would be better if you could easily export your game to be played on other platforms/devices so that you are not forced to publish it only on one platform or only on one type of devices, but at the end of the day, feel free to use all the tools you want!

Hi there! We are getting closer to the start of the challenge. We already are 180, that's impressive, I'm glad you like the concept! I wanted to let you know that there will be more info and resources available before the beginning of the challenge, that you'll be able to use, or not, during the challenge.

I made this gif if you want to spread the word about the challenge, and also a tweet. Feel free to re-use it to promote the challenge. The more we will be sharing about out journey during this challenge using #CrunchlessChallenge, the funnier and the more inspiring it'll be!

Start thinking about what could be a cool project to tackle during the challenge and have a nice day!

Please could you specify your skills and your possible roles to help people in their team making decisions?

It's a really good question since the time-frame is not really compatible with a whole marketing plan and a big part of the marketing usually happens after the project is ready.

The goal of the challenge is to sustainably make a proper game without crunching, and branding and marketing seems to be a big part of that.

In a lot of game jams we don't often think about that part because it's not always part of what's rated. And when it's done, it's often done after the jam and not considered part of the jam.

Here the idea is to try to take this aspect seriously and to take it into account during the challenge itself, both for practice and for the success of the game.

What would count as marketing?

I would say anything that could put the word out there that you're making a game and that could increase the number of people checking the game you'll release at the end.

How far are we supposed to go with that?

I think that paying for marketing would be way too far for this challenge, and the morality of paying for attention is a whole other question. But since you'll spend time for the marketing, it'll be your work to balance time spent in spreading the word with time spent on all other aspects. It's something you should plan ahead because since you can't crunch, you won't be able to add this at the end in between work sessions etc.

Examples would be:

  • sharing your progress maybe with interesting gifs on different social networks
  • reaching out to content creators with beta versions
  • making videos near the release, maybe a teaser and a release video
  • there's also reaching to the press if it's an important enough project, but I'm still foreign to that

Again, keep in mind that it's a challenge, not a competition, so you don't have to do all of this or restrict yourself to this, just decide what you would want to make in advance and challenge yourself to do it without having to crunch. Having realistic goals is part of the challenge.

And what would branding even entail?

I would say the game's identity. I think that it's basically being able to make a complete press-kit but I might be simplifying a bit.

As an example during my last challenge, it was a one 35 work hours week long challenge, I planned ahead for time to:

  • Find a title for the game
  • Create a logo
  • Create a page
  • Make a release trailer video
  • Post an update at the end of each work session with a gif to show the progress

The week long aspect made it really weird to think about marketing and honestly I might be lacking in that field so I can't wait to see how to explore that aspect in the upcoming challenge.

Anyway, the main goal for the participants working on branding/marketing should be for their games to be more likely to be played, not necessarily to comply with the rules, so if you're not comfortable with that side, just try to do the minimum, don't feel obligated.

Marketing is not my area of expertise, so checking other resources on this could help. If you are still confused or if you have other questions, let me know!

Nice work! It's hard to get one of the first enemy since when you jump you end up on another platform. Go Godot!

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Hi! I just created the page for the jam so if some info is missing or if you have any question about the jam, feel free to ask so I can answer and complete the jam's page!

Oh that's so nice! I'm glad you both liked it! The level with the fruit overflow is a bug I did not encounter before submitting ^^ If you got at this point, you should have got at least 6 pets! Congrats!

It's so sad that the only puzzle was full of symmetries :/

It's audacious to use so much of the screen for UI but it works and even adds to the charm! I like the restricted color palette, it goes hand in hand with the jam's concept! Some effects broke the 64x64 resolution tho, that could be fixed by rendering to a 64x64 frame.

Simple idea, but master execution! 

(I didn't know the flames were not dangerous at first, maybe having them grayed out could help?)

I like the overall feel, good job! It's not clear what they want and what the win condition is. Maybe having multiple days and adding ingredients each days would make the complexity increase with play time. Also I would prefer if there was a line instead of waiting for people to arrive for a long time. Apart from those gameplay issues, starting the game with the front of the shop could add to the charm and for world building maybe? The music was so nice, great choice! 

Art is on point!

Thank you very much! 24 hours over the course of the 14 days, not in one sitting ahah.


Oh you saw the stream!? nice!

Thank you very much! Yes! All of this is true and will be addressed! Follow me for future updates :)

This felt really good thank you for the experience!

I played a board game online and I had fun. Wait what? it was a GameJam game? no way! Impressive work full of imagination and pretty polished. You're getting better by the day!

No problem, thanks for joining lowrezjam! I hope we'll see you for next editions :)

Oh okay,

so basically, you are not rendering at 64 by 64 since if I scale it back down at a real 64x64 pixel resolution and scale it back up I get a different result. It's particularly obvious when looking at moving things, you can see that instead of being rendered on a 64x64 grid, things can actually use the full high rez of the screen.

I don't know what you mean by "my drawing canvas’ width and height are 64px" maybe they are only logical pixels and it's not actually rendered on a 64x64 canvas.

The best way to have a 64 by 64 game is to actually draw on an actual 64 by 64 texture/canvas/display and to upscale that with no special upscaling filter, I tried to do this on a recording it should look like that (without the compression artifacts from the video recording of course):

Another way is to actually make sure that all sprites are just the right size and at just the right position by rounding the positions before rendering for instance, this solution is pointlessly more CPU  intensive and not recommended, but sometimes depending on the technology you use, you might not have the choice.

I saw you were using love2D, I'm sure someone already tackled this issue and made a starter kit for lowrezjam or something.

I'm not sure if it's working or not but I saw this one for instance: and this video too

Hope it helps :)

I don't see the canvas being 64 by 64. All the sprites are looking low rez but the game itself seems to be rendered in high rez, The canvas seems to be 640 by 640 when not in fullscreen

Here's a before and after of what it's looking like right now, and what it could look like if it was using a 64x64 resolution

So sad it's not a totally 64x64 pixels game because I would really like to see if it could work with the constraints of the jam.

This is a proper game! kudos on this, godot comrade ;)

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Godot Engine FTW! Make an actual game now :P (Btw you can use the shrink option in godot's project setting to have the game bigger than actually 64 by 64)

Always nice to check your work!

Oh! thanks for letting me know! I'll fix this issue when the voting period ends in a week :)

In this virtual pet simulator you will discover a unique wonderful cute little pixelated creature that just hatched from their egg!

Take care of your little pet and make them go out gather some fruits, but watch out for the blueberries since they are allergic!. You might even be able to afford some new eggs to bring some new friends home!

Get your own mini pet!

It's worth it for them since they get new friends and even newer bester friends ! Thanks you so much for recording it, I was glad to see you play my game!

The minigame is meant to be discovered, at the start you are told that blueberries are bad and at the end you have a result screen showing you how much each fruit is worth. You have to let the blueberries go and keep the good fruits!

Thank you very much! I am inspired by a lot of different games and Nintendogs and the Chao Garden from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle are definitely two of them!

Thank you very much! Blueberries are bad so you have to let them go and only keep the good fruits.

Good job making this! Here's my score!

Quite an impressing jam game! It was frustrating some times but I almost forgot I was playing a 64 by 64 pixels game since you fitted the resolution so well. There are atari game vibes, good atari game vibes ;).

It depends, but I wouldn't be surprised if this gets divided by two

Good job with this first game jam submission!

The concept is really interesting and it feels like a complete game. To work on this further, I would give more rewards after enemies defeat than just a counter. Plus I would give more choices too make for the player, like being in charge of looting and having to deal with limited inventory space, or even having to choose which path to go on etc.

Nice one ;)!

If you're a Godot Engine game developer, this might be useful for you!

I updated my Random Audio Stream Player Add-on for Godot Engine, the add-on for Randomized SFX and Audio. I use it in all my games, it's open-source, MIT Licensed and I just made a video about it!

This plugin will add Random Audio Stream Player Nodes (standard, 2D and 3D) that can be used as normal Audio Stream Player Nodes with the added ability to play randomly audio from an array of audio streams with the possibility to choose the random strategy and to randomize the volume and the pitch.

It's a simple add-on, but I can't work on a game project without it anymore, and I thought you might like it too, so feel free to try it out! And let me know if you find any issue!