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Thank you for reporting it. ;)

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"I love to both be and eat a burger." Best line ^^

Thank you for playing my game and good job in trying all possible ending. I am seriously thinking about making a full game out of this game jam experiment, and this feature would definitely be included.

Never thought that, that pixelated, a story could be told this well. all the details make this game more than a simple hack-n-slash. Immersion is top notch. This game is really good, thank you!

You made something. Created a game, to express what you have in mind. and it is good. ;)

Watching you playing my game was hilarious! Could you add the link to the game in description please ;)

Hello ! It's a browser only game for the moment but I'm planning to make it into an app ;)

Thank you. Next update will be polished and I'll add music to it ;) stay tuned (also, thanks for making a video, I liked it, I added it to the playlist: )

After you launch the game, try to use "F11" 

Ahah, I don't use a mac. I use elementaryOS with the ArcOSX theme ;)

what top bar ? 

I added your video to the playlist.

Thank you for your comment. I agree with what you said. The speed must be topped. My idea is to create new obstacles for my game (not just asteroids) that will appear at some point (with different mechanics) to increase the difficulty. As long as those obstacles are not implemented, this speed mechanism make sure everyone dies at some point ^^. I will continue to develop this game in the future, but I like to work on other projects too. (And unfortunately, my spare time is limited...)

(Congratulation, I think you even beaten my own score)

It's really good. You were in space I think at this point!

A 32 bit version is now avaible for you ^^

The game is now published!

Thank you for your feedback. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. 

Thanks, Is it ok now?

I don't understand

Ahah, you'll be surprised how much it brings

I made him walk! It's my first time with character animation. I'm proud of the result, what do you think ?

Today I added details and textures to the ship and I have a first working version. 3 days left before the end of the dragonjam, I can do it! Next, character animation.

I love the style ^^

You can watch a video of the game's progress here:

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The development continue, after the boat and the character, let me show you the character on the boat.

After hours of work I succeeded. My character wasn't following the movement of my boat (and the movement is really complex) Now It works!!!

Good start...

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me reading:

"Mmh mh woah interesting, mmh .. 

Sun / light orbiting the earth

"Oh no!"


Yeah some artists are just some sort of gods ^^

Today I made a character ! Character + Boat + logo, I think I could start coding now ^^

Today, I made the logo of the game:

You can watch how I made it in this timelapse:

Hope you all enjoy! See you tomorrow!

Here's the video! Enjoy! (and give feedback, I want to improve my content ;)  )

This is an updated version with clear text. (The gamejam version's text wasn't that clear at all ^^)

Hello everyone, I just joined the jam. I'm starting a devlog here! The game title: Stay on board

Here is the first pic:

Made with blender, a video is coming showing the process! 

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This game is a social commentary on how some lives can be very difficult. Please, explain why it offended you, maybe.

Thank you for playing my game and reviewing it! Actually this game is a social commentary on how some lives can be very difficult. In many countries even if abortion is a right, it is becoming increasingly tough to get an abortion. I just wanted to underline this phenomenon. I'm in no way against abortion, I think to the contrary that women are not trusted enough to make informed decisions.

thank you very much


1) it would give more exposure to create channels for gamejams in the official discord server (istead of creating new discord server for each jam)

2) The discord dramatically needs admins / moderators

Cool !


Lowrezjam is now over. It was great. like almost all gamejams, there was a discord server. This discord server was really useful for everyone. Now, the gamejam is over, but it's hard to leave, talking, sharing ideas, asking questions to other devs is so cool.

The idea is to create a permanent "itchio game makers" offical discord server.

This server will allow gamejam makers not to create a new discord server for each jam. They will just have to ask for a new channel on the main discord server. There will also be permanent channels: questions/general/offtopic/screenshots/etc.

The idea is to make a solid community of devs on discord.

What do you think about this idea?

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Hello everyone! The Lowrezjam is now over, I'm proud to present to you a polished version of my entry. Life: the game of chance is a text-based game that will make you think about life.

A game about world inequalities, discriminations, GMOs, pollution, children with guns, and more.

For the moment, there are 3 characters and 25 diferent life paths. The game can be played on your browser for free (of course it's free, how to spread a message if it isn't free) on your computer AND on your smartphone:

Follow me on or on twitter to be informed of my next updates and my new creations.