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Thank you very much!

Here's your link to submit

You have to send me the link to the game you want to submit

You can update things as much as you want, but no, I don't think there are"snapshots". But I guess that is supposed to be the role of devlogs and postmortems.

Here's the link you can use to submit!!

Hey there, as I stated here, it's not over :P I'll accept submissions for a day or two

It has been such an exciting month!

I might make a dedicated post to sum it up, but I wanted to say THANK YOU ALL for participating and making it such a great event. It feels like it's the kind of event that is well needed to balance all the competitive events out there, and since I felt you were so glad it existed, I think it'll be a recurring event! Feel free to share your feedback and ideas for next iterations on the discord community! About that, if you were not able to submit in time, you can still submit for the next day or so. To do so, join us in the discord and we'll be able to figure it out.

On that note, have a nice end of the year you all!

AHah don't get nervous, it's all going to be alright :)

As I said in the past, I really like the artstyle, and I can see how it could take you some time to make even one of the artwork here alone! Having a demo for the challenge would already be a huge success! Keep it up!

Hi there!

Here's your friendly announcement that we are entering the last 7 days of the challenge. Don't panic. If you scoped things right and stick to your schedule, everything should work. But it's almost never the case...

If you feature creeped your project or just underestimated the amount of work necessary, don't feel bad about it. The more you experience this kind of things the better you can scope and plan in the future. For the time being, if you feel like you won't be able to deliver what you envisioned, it's totally normal (I would have been surprised otherwise). You might want to scope down, cut parts of your project and focus on polishing what works.

The goal is to make a complete game, but even releasing something, an early access version, a demo or a "chapter 1" would already be a huge success in itself. Try to release something but do not feel any guilt and, of course, do not crunch. Having a deadline is good, it forces you to work towards an intelligible goal, but remember that it's not the end of the world on December 1 (hopefully), your project will still be there and you'll still be able to work on it in the future, maybe during the next Crunchless Challenge, who knows?

Moving the goalpost is normal and way healthier than crunching. What we want is to keep a good memory of our work so that we have a great time and so that we'll be enthusiast about it if we want to touch it up!

Your work have been amazing so far! I have a hard time keeping up with it all but all the devlogs, tweets, updates, messages on discords etc. have been so great to check through the month. Keep it up and have a great last week!

PS: I've seen almost 30 people leaving the jam and although it's completely in the spirit of the challenge, I think that even if you really can't make it in time, you shouldn't feel like you "abandoned" the challenge. You participated like everyone else and worked on something like everyone else. You should write, and submit to the jam, a postmortem about what happened, be proud of what you achieved, and learn for your next projects.

People who try to run a marathon sometimes have to stop on the 10km mark, but they still ran a 10k!!!

Hey! Good initiatives! Totally missed your tweets, twitter did not share them in the #CrunchlessChallenge search for some reason! 

I added a tag called "playtesting" so that people that are interested in playtesting games will find the right topics to do so :)

I tried the game and it's pretty smooth! It starts a bit too fast to my liking and my shots didn't seem to do much, but I really like the control scheme, quite responsive.

The look is still a bit rough, it lacks some cohesion. I really like the look and the light effects of the asteroids for instance, but some other effects and models feel a bit out of place or dated. Maybe adding some post-processing or visual effects to the whole screen could be a quick improvement, or maybe it's just my taste :)

I think that there is no pause menu and that I can't go back with the back button. Also you could also add some instructions somewhere.

Congrats! It's already a pretty nice endless game! keep at it :) Hope my feedback can help you ;)

Wow it feels quite polished :)

Wow so meta, I can't play anymore :P. You might want to make it more obvious that we are supposed to click on "talk to the regie", I did not even understand it was a button in the first playthrough and it got really, really confusing xD.

I like the pics in that post!

That too ^^ that's why the logo looks like this :P

It's such a cool devlog, it's so nice to see your organization and all I'm glad you're so thorough :D Thanks for participating :)

I think there's not enough yet to give much feedback but I like deck-builder and I like the one-bit aesthetic! keep at it :D

If it's what you challenge yourself to do, why not. The idea is to stick to your goal and to manage your time and scope in a way that won't make you crunch.

If you don't know what to do, maybe going back to the polypire is a good idea, you already have a direction and all.

Honestly I did not take the time to read all of your devlogs, but it's a good habit to document like this and you seem to be progressing at a steady pace, good job :)

There is still more than 3 weeks left ^^'

Yeah let's recycle that project that's the spirit :D

Did you end up finding someone? You could ask on the godot discord server

No worries about starting 'late", you choose you schedule! I myself am only starting today ;)
This looks pretty good already, maybe having some flickering light or a spot could help and add to the horror aspect of it

Glad to have you join the challenge! Being able to release things with chapters will give you plenty of opportunity to play-test :)

Thank you very much!

Hi there! Glad that you joined the challenge! Can't wait to check your updates.

Hi there! I'm sure it'll be a good learning experience, feel free to share your progress with us :)

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Hi there!

I think it could be nice for you all to have access to some visuals about the challenge if you want to include them in your posts, devlogs, postmortems, or even as a splash screen or in the credits/info of your games.

To be sure that you don't end up with a bad quality version of those assets, I'm linking the SVG files and high resolution PNG renders. Hope you'll find that useful! Here's the link

Here's a preview of what's available in the zip file:

I'll follow this through the challenge :D I wish you all the luck!

For the time being I'm mostly doing this with my main account, if the challenge is getting bigger and the number of posts is significant, I might consider this, thanks for the suggestion.

Yes, no voting, no ranking, no competition.

Hi there! Do you mean, play-test your game? You can have beta test sessions etc.

Nice! Hope it'll be a great learning experience for you! ;)

That's it the Challenge has started!

During this event more than 400 people are going to choose a schedule, try to stick to it and make a game without any crunch! We are doing this together, let's go!

You can start any day of the month, but try to end when the challenge ends. When you start, try to share about your schedule and your idea, it'll be useful during the challenge. 

Remember that you're not making a prototype, but a complete game that will be released, so be sure to plan all the things related to that, not just the gameplay or the graphics.

When you share about your work, be sure to include the #CrunchlessChallenge so that we can all follow everyone else's job. Making frequent posts and/or devlogs could also be a great way to check your progression and if you stick to your plans.

If you're not sure about the rules, check the main page, the introductory video and the community, here or on discord.

Since it's the first edition, I've spent quite some time creating the challenge, laying down the rules and sharing it around, now it's time to focus on actually joining the challenge! I'll share updates and I'll check yours, let's have a tremendous month of November with this first edition of the Crunchless Challenge!

I did work a bit too much too for managing the beginning of the jam! It's the big picture that counts tho, so don't worry about this :)