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Thanks for trying my game!

I'll have to try!

I hope it was clear that I really liked playing at the game, the underlaying message and the overall experience ๐Ÿ™‚


First, thanks for this experience, I can feel the passion put into this project.

I first thought it was a bad sokoban clone. And in a sense it was a sokoban game in its gameplay. But the message delivered through the story is what kept me playing till the end and I'm glad I did. The game suffers from not smooth enough controls, but the overall creation was truely enjoyable. THe way the gameplay fits the story and message so well is what made the game a complete piece of media. A little bit more of polish and I would be glad to share this game to teach about the concepts it touches upon.

Glad I played this, good job ;)

Interesting homage, I enjoyed it. Would like to be able to change text's speed, but I guess taking the time to breath is part of the experience ;)

Good job! Nice to hear you started using Godot during this Jam!

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I'll need to gather some friends to try this one :)

Thank you very much! :)

Yes yes yes and yes, that exactly what I had in mind ahah. Sorry I couldn't deliver all of this in time ๐Ÿ˜….

Tho, I thought about some people not being scared by shots and others being alerted from your shots, but I never thought of "scaring could have less and less effect on people" thanks for the suggestion. And moreover, thanks for trying my game writing such a detailed feedback!

Simple, but focused and well polished, well done ;)

Again, I really like your style ;)

The game had to be rushed like crazy. I agree with all of what you said, since it was planned... Thanks for the feedback :D

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I would need more details on this bug, I never encountered it.

Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm :)

Kudos on adding it to the bundle ;)

I bought the bundle and was glad to see you in it ๐Ÿ˜‰.

I don't know if browser games can be included, but I made this game with an on topic underlying message
The comment section is sadly extremely polarized, I hope one day all of the hatred will fade away...

Thank you very much :D

I played this alone... I'm at the hospital right now.

That's a really clever idea, great job! 

Hey there!

First, thank you very much for your feedback,

You might have missed this part of the description "The downloadable files are only enhanced game-jam builds that were published in January, the game is since in active development, those builds are not representative of the current state of the game. [...]"

The "demo" you tried was made in 10 days for a gamejam and enhanced during a week. Since then, the game has greatly evolved. I recently made a little video to showcase that. I totally agree that the "demo" doesn't give the full picture and as I said in the description, it's "like a digital toy that showcases the core mechanics but does not include any gameplay element.". Do you think I should remove the gamejam build to prevent further misunderstanding?

Again thanks for your feedback, and yes, I'm working hard to make it a fun game ;)

Thanks I do my best ;)

Thanks for playing the game and for the feedback, I'm sure I'll find a proper solution for that! It was my first TriJam and a funny experiment ;)

There are more and more bars and they are coming quicker and quicker, but I never changed their size. I think I could have make the perspective more understandable. Thanks for the feedback ;)

I sounded like an idiot and I enjoyed it... I played during a call with a friend... they enjoyed it too for some reason ^^

Thanks for the feedback, proper goals and multiple playing modes will be in the full game ;) stay tuned


Hello everyone, my name is Tim Krief, I just finished my studies and I'm seriously getting into independent game development. To learn more about me, you can check my recent 2019 retrospective thread or the page that lists my main past game projects .


Now, let me introduce my project, CraftyCounty ( . CraftyCounty was originally a submission for Jamcraft4 (a Gamejam based on the "crafting" mechanics) but since became a full game project in its own right.

The Core Concept

The game will be an original mix between city-builders, puzzles, and also simulation games. Multiple game mode will exist, but in the main game mode, you are at the head of a city made up of groups of four buildings of different proportions. You can interact with these groups to either change the buildings that constitute them, or to craft new buildings four times bigger by merging them.

The resulting building depends on the composition of the original group of four. For example, four small houses merge into a residence, but four trees merge into a grove. The game will contain so many buildings of all sizes that the real challenge across all game modes will be to discover them all. At the end you merge your whole town to get a summary of your performance. I'll share more gameplay details during the development.

State of the project

I worked more than three full week on this game already and I'm proud to announce that I recently released a demo that you can try for yourself :

I can't wait to get your feedback on this and to share more development news with you. (I'm more active on twitter @timkrief if you want frequent development updates.)

Tune and restart shortcut were added in the last release, thanks for the precious feedback!

Thank you for the feedback, it was fixed in the last update ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Of course it's more a collaboration than a competition, can't wait to see what you're going to make ;)
For the technology, you should try to look at Godot Engine. Being Open source, it is more likely to still be maintained in some form or another down the road ;) (And hopefully, be thriving :D )

Thank you very much! You can jump as the mech on building to crush them ^^ I should have made that clearer.

Testing and showing small indie games is a great thing to do, and testing all of the ones from a gamejam is just impressive, good job ;)


I have several prototypes made during previous gamejams and I would like to know if I make full games out of them starting now during the decade, do they still qualify as decade jam submissions?

Happy new year and good luck for the decade!

Hey there, mine is @timkrief and I just published a 2019 retrospective thread on it yesterday if you want to know more about me :)

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Hello everyone, it's been a crazy year and I wanted to take a moment to make a review of the last 12 months. Especially here on where I created 3 more games and met plenty of new people during various game-jams. I'm still amazed about how great the community and the spirit are on this website and I'm truly happy to start 2020 as an indie game dev and to be able to make even more and better stuff for you all.

But it wasn't like this at the beginning of the year, far from it! I was a student lacking time for side projects, then I had to go through a 6 months long internship and finally I had some time to make games again for you! Next, I graduated as an engineer and I had to make the decision to decline various offers, in order to become a full time indie game dev instead. It was a hard decision to make and I had to make it despite my surroundings opinions about it. If you have a dream and you know it's for the best for all, then go for it, at least try, or you'll regret it. This choice couldn't have been possible if it wasn't with you all, with the support I feel here, the kind comments, the following, and the cheering. Thanks for for being such an amazing place, thanks for the opensource community for giving amazing tools such as godot, krita, gimp, blender and more and finally thanks for you for reading this post. Have an amazing new year!

(If you like gifs more than paragraphs, I have a 2019 rewind thread here that took me hours to put together and that you might enjoy. I can't put 20 fluid gifs here, there's a 3mb limit)

^^ of course I had JS enabled, it works now, I don't know what was the issue before. I like the art style it made me think of baba is you.

Thanks for your comment! The final version will have all of this and more of course ;)
If you're asking about the game page font, its "Sniglet"

I just tried the game. The atmosphere is charming and the game is quite polished. There's attention to detail and that's really nice. For instance I tried to go on a water tile on the map and there was a proper animated sprite for half submerged character. I'm not a huge fan of that kind of game but I can feel the homage to classic rpg/jrpg . You should ask to a fan of classic rpg/jrpg if they like the pace/style because you can't have an objective view on that from me. Then, I'm not sure if the crafting mechanics are really key for the game. Finally, I'm assuming you made the art for this, it's nice.

Impressive work for a gamejam overall!

Oh and by the way, you can go through the tutorial without taking the sword... I learned that the hard way:

Good job for making this in such a short time, even with the "obstacles" you got during the development! It's impressive.


Nice job joining and doing something rather than nothing!