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there should be a way to get the knight back...

did you get in council of crowns yet?

you get in council of crowns

in real life days 2 in game days. . . i forgot xD

you hire him for a sum of coins and then if he finds something he'll tell you. he will continue asking later on. kinda like the skeleton i guess

i think that each coin costs as five? although that doesn't quite make sense. . . .

This may be already posted but when im playing as a queen and the barber offers me a cut, if you decline he say "I see,  your a very fashionable KING" when im playing as queen. im playing on a cromebook? idk xD

i did plant because i was scared to loose my gardener and the ocean hasn't done anything for me.

The barber came and asked the queen if she would like a haircut, she denied and got called a king xD

I did the Thief because shes relatible to me ^-^ and i do wish though that we could give it to the witch....

This is very fun and so far i've only found one bug, when you say no to the new cut for the barber he says king. but otherwise this is awesome!