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I would like that too. The secretary offered to get rid of the Wizard after I turned him away a few times. I'd like to banish that monster too.

It takes him like 50-100 days to prepare the sword, just be patient and keep playing.

I gave the sword to the thief (LOL) just because she was the first one to offer to do it and it took her 100 days to come back with the prize. Sometimes I wonder if I would have gotten a bigger prize if the adventurer had offered first because she said she had kept half of the prize for herself.

It took me almost 100 days before someone offered to take the sword. I gave to the thief (LOL) and it took her another 100 days to come back with the prize. Sometimes I wonder if the adventurer had offered if I would gotten a bigger prize because she said she kept half of it for herself.

I think that's intentional. It's not like Chester can't eat people (he is a mimic after all), he just didn't want to be forced to eat people when he didn't want to. I don't see a problem if Chester still wants to pay you to eat people.

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Actually, it was pretty boring after 1k villagers because the secretary stopped congratulating me and the city in the backdrop stopped getting bigger. But I kept playing because I wanted to see if the numbers would stop at 9999.

Rest in peace, my 10k villagers.

The witch comes to take 200 from me once every 20 days or so but I still take random hits of haunting damage.