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Adventure for a Bit

Teach an AI to make the perfect world · By JUSTCAMH

Share your favorite seeds! Sticky

A topic by JUSTCAMH created Mar 10, 2021 Views: 1,221 Replies: 53
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Did you find a cool world? Share the seed! It'll be a piece of text 12 characters long. 

And send us a screenshot of the world! ⛰️



(might need to load the seed twice for it to work)


And here's STEGESTICIAN, which is also very very cool. It's a weird maze-like structure of spikes




JzeCy10uQlfg is epic 

Do these worlds differ?


Sorry, in what way?



i like this one :] it looks like one that i'd explore in a game like astroneer. it might not be especially high detail, or spiky, or have big structures, but its MY perfect world

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This one has really massive mountains which you can slide down, enjoy


Edit: i pasted the wrong seed


Wow, those mountains are freaking insane!


smooth mountain world with the occasional lone spike

smol spik

This world felt like a nice snowy hill with a few mountains and the sky was night and had a nice transparent green to it made me think of the aurora borealis... but unfortunately I've tried putting this seed ln


but it's not even close , I've tried this multiple times... maybe it'll work for you guys though?


Nice ol' moldy cheese world; tons of holes, nice mountains, and  the occasional spike patch!


Bit's got an acquired taste

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I like to think that Bot crafted the picturesque plateaus, and Bit decorated them with fancy near-bottomless pits (source: I fell in one), but I know he was just trying his best :)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I've been collecting heaps of seeds ever since releasing this game, and none have captured my imagination quite like this one. It's a pretty and quite detailed world, but what caught my attention were these rare, green eyes that would always spawn at the bottom of holes.

I also found a lot of similar holes that didn't have the eyes, as if they'd somehow moved out.
After exploring for a while, I found patches of strange spikes (the spikes seemed to generate in some form of pattern).
Then in one of these spike fields, I found what appears to be an eye that's been overrun by these spikes, as if they're an infection...

As I headed further from the spawnpoint the spikes became larger and more frequent. The only intact eyes I could find were close to spawn.
It felt like this infection had spread to almost the entire world, with only a few safe havens remaining...

Something about this world felt so mysterious, like I had stumbled upon an actual story that unfolded in this world. I'm glad the AI is still able to surprise me after hundreds of hours of exploring worlds!

Seed: gfxhdxjdxgtj


The Emerald Canyons! I wish I could fly around, these are so deep that it took me a few minutes to climb all the way up! Had to take a few pictures to fully encapsulate the stunning view. Also wish I could take a panorama shot, with this world there's so much detail on all sides!

A lonely spire (or just my bad render distance?)

From around 1/3 of the way up the canyon wall
A nice mountain, looks kinda like a volcano from this angle!
Another nice colorful view :)

All these images were taken on the same face of the canyon, as sadly it's kinda hard to traverse these tall worlds :( . Still, love the game!

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I dunno what to call this one, but it's fascinating.

At first these look like lakeside mountains, before you remember that this game doesn't have water.
These are fascinating terrain generations!
It even has its own eye! ...Well, it could use a little detail work.
This pit is honestly so cool.
This strange mountain-canyon combo seems to be the norm around here.

That first shot makes me wish I had added water, brilliant photography! And wow, I’ve never seen anything quite like those canyons, nice find!


New world, colors remind me of taffy.

Looks like Nike snuck branding into your game

So many strange indents. Looks like creatures with very strange feet walked this planet ages ago.
Tested my luck with a long render distance shot, game crashed :(

wow, those footprints are amazing! I wonder what such a critter would look like?


Z0Nt4Z3MAqEB, A nice little very flat desert world with Bit's occasional attempts at grass or cacti or... something. 


gnGw610koJ8Z, it's like someone took a cookie cutter and a knife and randomly cut out shapes and sliced through the ground. Some very consistently spaced peaks and deep ravines

gnGw610koJ8Z, it's like someone took a cookie cutter and a knife and randomly cut out shapes and sliced through the ground. Some very consistently spaced peaks and deep ravines


jJoa5Z4r6nWn, A world with some definite variation, going from lovely lumps to a mess of spikes. The colors are beautiful on both parts though!


Wow that looks so neat, like a big field of fluffy grass! That is until you get close and realise they're actually deadly spikes... oop

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Hi, I enjoyed your game, but I was hoping you could help me with a problem I'm having, Bit made a world I liked. I later give the seed to Bot, but it looks nothing like it used to, I posted an image of it already, but here are more screenshots I took before I left the world for the first time, the third image has the world seed,

please help.


Agh damnit, I'm sorry but no, there isn't anything I can do... There's a bug with the seed system that I can't fix, cos I lost the files for it... Which is #1 on the noob mistakes handbook... I don't know why, but some seeds aren't the same between bit and bot, and weirder still, some seeds do work the same? I'm sorry, but outside of these images, that world may be lost to time =(

It's okay, thanks for for answering.


To clarify, worlds that bot generates will have the correct seed, but ones made by bit might not be right... 


oOJw311hAseI, Looks like bit had a stroke...


So cool! I like the mountainy worlds with all the pits. The music is awesome in this game too. I think the idea behind this game has serious potential to be taken even further, it's a stroke of genius :)

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I just love Oneiropolis2... it's like a rainbow crystal forest on a giant pumice stone. It also has some good sliding slopes available, and occasional strange formations. When I first loaded it, I was over a strange dome with a hollow in the center, beckoning. It seemed as if the heart for this world was concealed within.


Courtesy of GreenGunGuy on Twitch

A  very polygonal world.

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Honestly one of my favorites. The color scheme even matches a little!


It gave me cool.


This seed gives some REALLY cool surface texture across seemingly the whole world, along with some valleys.


After realizing that Bit's seeds don't really create what they're supposed to when giving them to Bot, I decided to go through my older seeds to see if any were actually interesting. Most were flat and bland, but this one was pretty good!


Also courtesy of GreenGunGuy

What's interesting is that all of the spikes are square-ish instead of pointy.


Also courtesy of GreenGunGuy

Cool seed, AND free advertising for one of my favorite games!


Submitted by a viewer, the name accurately reflects Green's mental state after becoming addicted to this game.



Green's last seed for the night, and it honestly lived up to the name!


This world is clearly very good, as you can tell by the title alone.


Honestly, I did this as a joke, but it ended up looking cool enough that I just couldn't resist posting it here.


A deservedly unique seed.


Surprisingly, it fits the name!


Random seeds time. I love finding weird pattern geometry.


Yeah that was a bug that I found in development, was gonna patch it out, but I thought 'hey, that looks like a feature', and hence glitchiness was born!


Modded myself some higher jumps and directional jumps for more mobility, so far they're proving  useful!


Nice green world with cool grooved patterns and small bumps! Makes it feel like a miniature world full of canyons and  spikes and tiny hills. 

My new super jump came in handy!