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Yay, you updated!!!

Woah, Kultisti dropped new game

Wow, now it's very fun to play!

Don't get me wrong, I like your game, it's good, but requires improvements to become great.
It's uncomfortable *for me* in general.
The things below are probably what makes it uncomfortable for me.

- Everything is probably too big

- Font is purely a personal preference, but the wide bold pixel font used everywhere at the moment is a bit bad. It's bold so it's meant to pull a bit more attention than a usual font would. Everything is written in "significant" font, so my eyes are  pulled towards... everything? Maybe you should make the regular font less prominent? Like use a less "significant" font probably.

- Too many buttons in the main menu. You could probably put credits & settings into options, and then controls into settings.

- The title in the main menu is a bit too big. I mean, sometimes it's good to leave some spare space. Like, the "quit" button in the main menu doesn't have to be in the left bottom corner.

- I think that Picasso was right when he said "Good artists copy; great artists steal". Look at other games, how did they do UI? I think that without much experience all you can do is to look and learn.

Overall, good game, I like this kind of games. I like the choice of music, how it changes through scenes.

Fun game

Pretty good, but the UI, oof my eyes, it will be such a great game when you improve the UI. Because I can't play it, there's too much going on at the same time...

I think this message can give you some mood. Even if you don't want to complete the game anymore, I know in the end you'll accomplish everything you want.

IMO clockworks of reality are the hardest, but the worms and birds are the craziest.

I like everything about this game, simply perfect.

Cool game, I like the music and the vibe is pretty good.

I like this game, it's cozy.

I like the drawings!

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Hello, I just wanted to say that I'm still here.
I still believe in you, and I'm still waiting for the game!

I'm still looking forward to interbreeding alien species and witnessing historical events.

And I will wait until it is ready.

P. S. Oh, it's been only 12 days? It seems like an eternity!

Oh, I'm still here, I believe you will become lucky someday. To be honest, I was so blind, that I haven't even thought that you could experience struggles of this kind. I will wait forever!

I like this game, but I'd prefer first person view.

Very nice game!

Very good game.

Good game, but needs many improvements.

Oh, I see significant improvements in 0.15 version, nice!

Very nice game!

Oh, I see. 

Then the game (especially platforming) is too difficult for me. I think you should lower the gravity, I can't perform the jump in the place where you need to open the door with blue button and squirrel tries to kill you.

Also I think that the demo mission (platforming forest) is a bit unsuitable for the game (kill-everything laboratories and outposts), though I respect your vision on how it should be (I haven't played the game yet, only demo, so honestly I can't know if the demo is suitable).

Also I want to say that I like the game: music, gameplay, dialogs and jokes, the sprites and animations. There are many interesting details, like the chicken rotating its head while I move the mouse.

P. S.

 Thanks, now I hate squirrels.

This appears when I start the game on any difficulty.

There is a problem with windows demo:

Nice game, but needs serious improvements.

Oh, sometimes it's hard to finish a game.

Pretty nice game for a start, please keep creating! I like the tiled snake body.


Fun & polished, as always. 5/5

For me this game is too sussy
Impostor might have made it

Kinda sussy...

Really cool game!

Nice game! I've just downloaded it and looking forward to play it.

Nice game, I also like the unusual setting, style and references. 5/5