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That was fast! Now everything works fine!

This game will be incredible after it gets all the mentioned features, but I can't execute it. I use Windows 10 x64. First, the game asked for "libgcc_s_seh-1.dll" & "libstdc++-6.dll". After I downloaded the files the program left me with message talking about error (0x000007b). Please help me.

Really cool, especially for 48 hours

This is a very cool game, but I can't understand what am I supposed to do. Everything is shaking so much, I turn everything on but the woman says: "Oh no you turned everything off except that self-destruction-protocol-thing", and everything becomes red. But I'm pretty sure that I am just too casual for this game, so 5/5.

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It's a very good game, made with a lot of effort. Please add knives, multiselection via ctrl and a name for the soldier.

P. S. will there be other worlds(water, fire, ice, gold mines, arrows, traps, untamed beasts, resque missions, sandbox mode)?

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Wow, this game is really interesting, but I don't understand french. Is it something about alchemy and mysticity? This game seems to be exciting!

Wow, ce jeu est vraiment intéressant, mais je ne comprends pas le français. S'agit-il d'alchimie et de mysticité? Ce jeu semble passionnant!

Very nice game but few levels.

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Really cool game, I would play it through if there were more levels and turrets. But I noticed some problems. First: some rockets do not rotate in the right direction. Second: I would love the turrets to have some progress bars showing the reloading. I would also play a mode were the enemies can destroy your turrets, or you can send your units to the enemies' base.

Also, thanks you very much for entering my game! I had almost no previous experience in handling enemies and that are ugly, to be honest...

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Yes, I should have added some more accurate tutorial than just list of controls... The security are invulnerable. Enemies can hear the sound of the ball hitting anything(your body doesn't make any sounds). They also remember the last point where they saw you and investigate it and stay there forever(until spotting you or hearing the sound). They laugh every time they see you. Have you found the hidden poster? It requires some parkour...

Surprisingly cool game!

I like this game!

Very well made game! The idea looks really fresh. For a game made in a week it's really nice. I like when 3D and 2D graphics work together. The music isn't annoying. 5 gnomes out of 5.

Say hello to Dwarf Fortress?

Very good game, I like the graphics and the story, but I could not wait until the end, because I'm not a fan of visual novels...

Hello, beefy beef games!

I congratulate you on making such an interesting game, and I have some suggestions on how to improve it.

1. Please, make the screen bigger. I can hardly see the text.
2. Add some music. It's much more pleasant to play with any composition! Rock, jazz or classic...
3. My laptop has no numpad, so I can't use the game fully.

So, the game is cool, the idea is interesting! These suggestions mean not that your game is bad, but that it has an opportunity to become better!

Thank you for playing! I planned to make it Neverhood-like, but I had no time to capture the clay scenes. Please, check for updates during next two or three weeks! I will add some puzzles like a maze, a 4-digit code and something. Do you more like paint or clay graphics?

Wow, this game is of very high quality!

I like the genre connection: a stealth, a survival, some action and a bit of horror! There is even ability to cover the footprints. Do soldiers really find me by them?

It would be a nice (sellable) project if you make the player hide his home and change its location and if you make a bigger world. Now it's a bit too difficult game - there are 3 soldiers on 2 square meters!

It's too hard for me, but if I could know where exactly my crafting table is (maybe with a compass?) and if I could craft some kind of shelter... Yeah, this game is of high quality for a jam one! I like the shaking trees.

Very sticky game! I see the time needed to achieve this point!

Oh, thank you very much for your reply, I really appreciate your attention!!! It's a godly gift which condescended on my vertex so suddenly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't understand a single bit or byte of the game's phylosophical idea, but I really like it for the gameplay. The author is a real master of making something that seems to be unplayable, but really understandable in a couple of seconds.


Really interesting game, but I wasn't moving the forest at all.

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Now I have one(2) more mind(s)

This game is one of that games where you don't really understand what's happening, but somehow you play it...

Very good game to be made in a week! I wonder how could the developer do it...


Very interesting. It can be a funny minigame in another project!

Amazing, brilliant, fantastic!

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Funny, hard in a good way. I like it. But

- there is a problem with physics. When I rotate the rotatables they behave like they have mass, less then the player's. The player can push obstacles. It feels ugly(if it's not part of the gameplay).

- there is another problem with physics. The player can climb the obstacles. It's caused by the friction which is caused by the force, which moves the player. As we know friction F equals moving force N multiplied by some k


Friction is too high because of two parameters: N & k. If the dev makes them less, friction would be less(maybe not enough).

P. S. I can't do the last level which repeats, because the door doesn't have any collider. Maybe it's because it's a prototype game.

There's a gamedesign problem. If each of players gets on the other's side nobody will do anything, because nobody wants to be caught on his territory. However it's a rare and interesting situation, and the game is funny!

An interesting but hard and sometimes monotonous game. I like the bonus system and fights. 

Very fun game, intuitive concept. 10/10

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Thank you very much for your post(it's unbelivable)! Well, there is an unknown problem with bulding .jar file, so the only way to run it on non-windows devices is to copy-paste source code(source.txt).

No, console is a nice feature, because sometimes it's difficult to understand what happened (see Fallout 1 & 2, Pixel Dungeon). It's a usual problem for low resolution games - a text character is far from a texture.

Wow, really good dungeon generation, but UI doesn't seem to be comfortable - I can't see the text console while playing. I'll be waiting for new updates!

I can't run it

What's the problem?