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It's impossible!


Amazing! Story, fight system, humor, music, sounds, art, visual effects etc. are fantastic! It reminds me Undertale, but with its own style. It's a very big demo.

Very interesting. It can be a funny minigame in another project!

Amazing, brilliant, fantastic!

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Funny, hard in a good way. I like it. But

- there is a problem with physics. When I rotate the rotatables they behave like they have mass, less then the player's. The player can push obstacles. It feels ugly(if it's not part of the gameplay).

- there is another problem with physics. The player can climb the obstacles. It's caused by the friction which is caused by the force, which moves the player. As we know friction F equals moving force N multiplied by some k


Friction is too high because of two parameters: N & k. If the dev makes them less, friction would be less(maybe not enough).

P. S. I can't do the last level which repeats, because the door doesn't have any collider. Maybe it's because it's a prototype game.

There's a gamedesign problem. If each of players gets on the other's side nobody will do anything, because nobody wants to be caught on his territory. However it's a rare and interesting situation, and the game is funny!

An interesting but hard and sometimes monotonous game. I like the bonus system and fights. 

Very fun game, intuitive concept. 10/10

Thank you very much for your post(it's unbelivable)! Well, there is an unknown problem with bulding .jar file, so the only way to run it on non-windows devices is to copy-paste source code(source.txt). However, I'll make a port for android(and maybe for iPhone) so that it would be much more appropriate for the genre!

No, console is a nice feature, because sometimes it's difficult to understand what happened (see Fallout 1 & 2, Pixel Dungeon). It's a usual problem for low resolution games - a text character is far from a texture.

Wow, really good dungeon generation, but UI doesn't seem to be comfortable - I can't see the text console while playing. I'll be waiting for new updates!

I can't run it

What's the problem?

A funny game and an interesting way of storytelling.

Interesting idea of ice mechanics, but it's VERY hard for me.

It's a hard game, especially because of strange control mechanics. I couldn't even reach any other things except spikes and holes in the ground. I give it 8/10.