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how does the border work?

I really want the new update! Is there a way for me to get it besides buying a new copy at 7.77? I already have the base document at 4.44.

Could you maybe sell it separately on it's own as well?

LOOKS SO COOL. I'm gonna get this as soon as im not broke.


Wait, i cant donate here, I'm gonna buy the game instead.

WOOOO I guess I got no choice but to pay up lol. I love the afterimage some things leave. Amazing work!

Love it

I LOVE THIS! I'd love it if we could resize the window. I'd honestly use my computer fully in crt for a couple days. I'd be willing to pay for this feature

Awwwwwwwwww! fuck disney holy shit, castmember with a broom.

Cool! looking forward to using it!

Ah, I see. I can do it in longer docs but i was trying it with a doc i had just started. Thank you

Here's how it looks:

version 0.24

windows 10

Oddly enough, it does work when exporting as HTML. The images are local screenshots i took.

I don't notice a difference. 

Very cool app tho

version 0.24

windows 10


oh! i guess the otter was pretty good at their job

here's how it is

It does show up actually, but when i take the picture, it saves it as a Neon Mushroom.

Honestly this is a testament to how invested i got with the game because I was trying to take pictures of everything lol

If there are more urgent issues to fix, please feel free to focus on those instead. I only lost 40 minutes of gameplay, i can always start again.


But i softlocked myself by SPOILERS taking a picture of the otterdile camouflaging itself before reaching the trigger of the "hide and seek game" voice line.

Now it doesn't register when i take a picture of the behaviour and i can't leave lol.

Nevertheless, the hour i spent with this game was so fun :)

this sounds so cool but the link is dead :(

Looking forward to seeing it!

Do you plan on updating it further?

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Over 100 predefined icons? so cool! I think you should make a bigger deal about it. There are other launchers, even ones you can style after the switch, but none of them have a predefined reggie icon.

Ninny is so cuuuute!

Admittedly niche issue but it seems like the custom cursor has a fps cap and it's much less smooth than my mouse anywhere else. Is there a chance for me to mod the custom cursor out?

the dollar icon is for selling stuff

1.2 breaks on dual monitors. love the dinos tho

or launch it on steam

Id love to buy this but my country doesn't have paypal! Could i send you money through patreon or would you consider opening the credit card option on

Sure, it mines with the 5% of my GPU and 2% of my CPU.

Let ppl enjoy the pidg


double monitors confuse it but i like it

love it


Whoa! this is super fun!

Could we please get a paper shuffling effect added?

SO CUTE! Its like a tiny metroidvania. It's incredible how many of the thrills of the genre it has without any of the unnecessary padding

Love this to bits. I'm using the Growls SFX to type this.

yes very cute