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clever idea. love the itch page.

pretty epic. the car is really slow though, almost like it's a... like a... snail or something.

pretty good, traps are hard to read when they are damaging though

lover 💀

great stuff! will you snail rougelike is wild.

wish there was a tutorial. still, i applaud the effort.

i don't understand it but i like it

i am wiping tears from my eyes. bravo. that was just an immaculate piece of art.

is the dev okay

i hate this game.

good polish though :)

Cool stuff. Nice to see a more traditional and polished game here among the chaos like mine.


gut gemacht. ich weiß nicht, es ist ein spiel.

This is pretty cool! Wish it was longer but jams be like that sometimes.

just as i planned

If you press it after exiting fullscreen it should work, but yeah I probably should have considered that. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback. The main reason other than just time/prioritization that you cant change the controls is because I wanted the game to have 2 button controls throughout the entire game, including menus.


Great stuff! My only gripe is that it is a bit tough to understand, and could benefit from an in-game tutorial.

Thanks, and I admit that the sound and art was kind of an afterthought (we don't talk about the color palette)

Thanks, and I'm glad that the game successfully fulfills it's vision, as it was quite a daunting task.

Super nice and crunchy game. Kinda feels like if Blackthornprod made my submission to the jam.

That was pretty fun, and the animations for the patients were pretty polished. If I were to give any feedback then polishing up the art, a high score counter, and music would be neat.

Yeah I really wanted to add a score counter or smth but I also wanted to keep a consistent art style and I didn't know how to do both.

thanks, and will do! I just gave it a smol update if you want to check it out

This is a section for bug reports.

This is a section for suggestions, opinions, ideas, and other things like that.

Just a section for general comments about the game.

Great game. No clue how this was done within the deadline, but I dont think a game has made me laugh this hard in a long time.


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Thanks for the feedback :)
I did plan on adding a wave system, but had to cut it because of the time, and other enemies would also under the "Doubt I have time but would be cool if I did" catagory. Also power ups sound cool. They did cross my mind but I didn't have many ideas for them that I could realistically make before the deadline. I will prob revisit this post-jam to add some of those things in.

If you are on a windows pc in the bottom left corner.

It works now I just had to search 'vjoy' and delete it.

no i did i can prove it

CandieOfficial would be great at Cinemasins XD

Do you have a vr headset?

Very funny game :) Full version AHEM.

Doubt it's the real colon